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cathymee your PM box is full

eadadeadad 2637 replies122 threads Senior Member
Tried to send you a PM reply but your box is full.
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Replies to: cathymee your PM box is full

  • greenvillegreenville 264 replies36 threads Junior Member
    Eadad and Cathymee --
    Hello again! How are you? Did your students have a good year? S had a wonderful freshman year in Capstone and just loved everything about USC. He'll be in S Quad this coming fall - 2nd year Capstone. Either of you have S or D that did Capstone for year 2?
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  • cathymeecathymee 2350 replies34 threads Senior Member
    hi Greenville
    S had a great 2nd year and is back home doing his summer practicum for Sports Management,working day and night. He didn't do Capstone, he's in the Honors College and lived in Woodrow this past year.He's moving off campus next year and is looking forward to having a washer/dryer,dishwasher and some space (his Woodrow apt was TINY).
    Hope GreenvilleSon enjoys his summer and enjoys living in S Quad next year.Its great to have some extra space and a kitchen! S did w/o a food plan this past year and was very successful at feeding himself and even with eating out saved $$ off of the food plan costs.What is your S planning on doing about that?
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  • greenvillegreenville 264 replies36 threads Junior Member
    S really likes the convenience of the cafeteria, but he never eats breakfast. We had already agreed to cut way back on the number of meals for next year. Glad to hear your S is doing so well ! My S-In-Law is finishing his master's in Sports Management at USC and is also busy working--long hours, but loves his job. Must be a satisfying field of work!
    Maybe I can encourage my son to try his hand at some cooking and cut back on the meal plan even more. I think S Quad has a kitchen in it. One of his 4 roommates (randomly assigned--they went in as a group of 3) turns out to be someone he grew up with in Greenville! We are looking forward to another great year at USC.
    I am surprised that this board is not very active this year. I remember this time last year when everyone was full of questions about orientation, dorms, honors, lofts, transportation, etc! You were a wonderful help to everyone!
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  • cathymeecathymee 2350 replies34 threads Senior Member
    your S will have a kitchen in his apt.It's a great opportunity to learn some cooking/self preservation skills.
    S started out as the only one of his 4 friends w/o a food plan last year.His three buddies got enthused, gave up their plans for the Spring and they devised a 4 man rotation,each one cooking every 4th night.they shopped togewther too. I thought it wouldn't work out but they did great! The cooking skills vary but they all survived.They were on their own for breakfast/lunch and did varying amounts of buying/preparing and eating out for those meals. The rotation was suspended on sat/Sun nights.
    I think boys are more easygoing.I can't see 4 girls doing this system w/o arguements over the content of the meals, shopping responsibilities,etc.
    These guys were in 2 separate apts last year but are all rooming together next year.
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  • greenvillegreenville 264 replies36 threads Junior Member
    Great idea about the rotation! I'll pass that on. Sounds like the boys became good friends if they are all rooming together this next year.
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