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Replies to: Sororities

  • fendrockfendrock 2905 replies294 threads Senior Member
    I also just wanted to add that I think it takes time for acquaintances to become friends, no matter what the circumstances -- sorority or independent.
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  • wahinewahine 42 replies6 threads Junior Member
    KATYTIBBS, If she is interested, Phi Mu is starting at USC. What a great way to be involved ...on the ground floor of a new sorority. My D rushed and likes her sorority but still hangs out more with people outside her sorority, most did not rush...(granted it has only been 3 weeks.) There are so many students it just takes a little bit to find your niche.
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  • athemomathemom 7 replies1 threads New Member
    I think every child is going to be a little different in terms of adjustment and activities that interest them. I happen to have a very social daughter who loves meeting new people, but who is equally happy to be by herseld if the situation dictates. She did rush, but truthfully hasn't spent much time at all with her sorority sisters. Some lunches and meetings, but a majority of her time has been spent with the non-greek friends she has met. She did mention that there are some upcoming activities and service projects with the sorority so she is hoping she'll feel more connected as a result. One of the things my D has done is wandered around her dorm floors, as a result she has met many more people and been invited to participate in some clubs and activities she probably wouldn't have tried or considered otherwise. Of course, this is a kid who would happily introduce herself to and carry on a conversation with a wall if the wall would talk back! :)
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  • eadadeadad 2637 replies122 threads Senior Member
    I totally agree with DON HO. My senior D (who is Greek) has lived with three girls who are not Greek for the last two years. One of the roommates has been her best friend since freshman year when they lived on the same floor in Capstone. Her friends are a nice mix of Greek and non Greek students both OOS and instate. I think that her rushing afforded her the ability to have such a broad base of friends and she has never felt any pressure from her sorority to spend her time exclusively with them.
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