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Do I have a high chance?

daisydukes10daisydukes10 3 replies23 threads New Member
9th- 4.0
10th- 3.83 1 honors and 1 AP class (passed AP exam w/ a 4)
11th- 3.94 2 AP classes (passed AP exam with one 4 and one 5)
12th- TBA 2 AP classes

SAT: 2190

World History 720
US History 760
Chemistry 730

Rank: 27 out of 353

National Honor Society
California Scholarship Federation
Key Club
Link Leader Crew
Leader at YMCA and Boy’s and Girl’s Club
Habitat for Humanity
Humane Society

800 Community Service Hours at local Homeless Shelter
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Replies to: Do I have a high chance?

  • Georgia GirlGeorgia Girl 3139 replies632 threads Senior Member
    Have you been working outside the home during high school? What is your intended major? Do you have any talents such as music that you have not mentioned?

    Are you far from campus? Will transportation costs be a problem?
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  • Zelda FitzgeraldZelda Fitzgerald 1046 replies40 threads Senior Member
    GG brings up a good point in asking more about your outside activities beyond those mentioned here.

    I think your ECs are pretty weak and "generic." (No offense needs to be taken, and I say this in a constructive way.) Most students admitted to USC show exceptional leadership and success in at least one major EC activity. Some examples: performing in a youth symphony and winning regional music competitions; being elected student body president; holding an editor-in-chief position on the newspaper/yearbook/lit mag; holding a team captain position in a varsity sport; serving as a leader in church/religious ministry...etc etc etc.

    Nearly all students who apply to USC will be part of NHS (and CSF, for CA residents) -- and I bet you $100 admissions knows that it's not really a "time intensive" EC that requires any significant dedication outside of normal schoolwork/maintaining a good GPA.

    Habitat for Humanity/Humane Society -- OK, sounds good...but what exactly did you do? Were you a volunteer? Did you work there? You can't be vague like this. Also, most applicants will also have a lot of community service on their applications, so again, this won't stand out unless you were responsible for something other than your day-to-day volunteer duties.

    If you have held a significant leadership position in your ECs that you haven't elaborated on here, make sure at least one of your rec letters highlights IN DETAIL your strengths, successes, leadership and accomplishments in your most valued EC. Right now, everything seems pretty "beige" and doesn't give a good look into how you'd stand out over applicants with similar stats but more impressive resumes.
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  • justrelaxjustrelax 23 replies2 threads New Member
    I think you'll be fine, homie. No one necessarily has a high chance at a school at USC, but you've got a pretty great shot. You've obviously been working hard since Day 1 and 800 hours at the Homeless Shelter is a tremendous amount of time, even if you're homeless, so you must have some pretty compelling reasons to be there.
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  • itsme123itsme123 1084 replies24 threads Senior Member
    no "high" but good chance. put your best (better?) foot forward!
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