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I'm here visiting USC!

momofchrismomofchris 245 replies31 threads Junior Member
We're in town checking the place out. Yesterday we roamed around campus, and had lunch at evk. Today we are talking to an engineering advisor and the rhp people and taking an official campus tour. What else should we see or do the next 3 days?
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Replies to: I'm here visiting USC!

  • lovetocamplovetocamp 595 replies80 threads Member
    Go to the Admissions Office, see if they can find someone to volunteer to give some type of Dorm tour/visit. Talk with someone from the Housing Dept, ask them some housing questions.

    Take the Bus tour, around the outer portions of the Campus. We found it very informative. See the Frat/Serority areas, the shopping centers, and other areas that are actively patroled by Campus Police.

    See if they can put you in contact with someone from Security. Ask them any questions that you might have. (This is typically part of the Explore USC program, so if you are just touring on your own, they may ask if you considered the Explore USC, which includes such activities for the $40.00).

    If Finances are an issue, schedule a short meeting with someone from the Financial Aid office. USC Fin/Aid has their own methods of determining USC Need. It could be of value to you to hear what they have to say.

    Since you are in SoCal, you can drive the 20-30 minutes to see UCLA. Just to compare. UCLA is also a beautiful campus. (I believe that USC is more scenic, more tranquil, and that the buildings are more impressive. UCLA, as is the case with any Calif UC campus, can appear HUGE. To some that might be a good thing, to others not a good thing).
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  • AnimeFreakAnimeFreak 67 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Check out Beverly Hills, Hollywood Blvd where the stars on sidewalk are, Venice Beach (Santa Monica), Redondo Beach, and go to Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles :)
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  • AnimeFreakAnimeFreak 67 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Also...if you like art, check out the Getty Museum. It's free.
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  • lovetocamplovetocamp 595 replies80 threads Member
    If you looking for sites (as listed above) that are away from Campus:

    Disneyland, if you have not been there before.

    Huntington Library

    Hollywood Blvd - Walk of the Stars, Grauman's Chinese Theatre

    Beaches; Redondo or Hermosa


    Ports of Call - Fishing Village

    Queen Mary

    Anaheim Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Show
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  • guidez89guidez89 673 replies19 threads Member
    can USC students get the socal annual pass at disneyland?
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  • beammeup4beammeup4 257 replies5 threads Junior Member
    yes, you can get discounts to a lot of the SoCal attractions and I think DL annual passes are sold.

    I also recommend walking through Exposition Park, walking through the Rose Garden, the museums around there, and take a look at Memorial Coliseum and imagine the entire area becoming a sea of cardinal and gold-clad screaming fans!
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  • guidez89guidez89 673 replies19 threads Member
    No, I meant that at DIsneyland, they have special socal resident passes. As a USC student, do we qualify for the socal resident annual passes, even if we dont "live" in southern california?
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  • beammeup4beammeup4 257 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Shoot, I think I was wrong about buying any annual pass for Disneyland.

    Lets put it this way: You get an actual Los Angeles mailing address that is considered your local address for 9 months, so I would think as long as you have this, you qualify. I could be wrong, but it sort've makes sense.

    FYI, the list for all the discounts can be found here: http://www.usc.edu/bus-affairs/ticketoffice/calendar/entertainment/discount_listing.htm
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  • guidez89guidez89 673 replies19 threads Member
    sweet. lol. Thanks!
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  • momofchrismomofchris 245 replies31 threads Junior Member
    Thanks everyone! On Monday, we took a campus tour, ate lunch at Parkside, went to the bookstore, talked to the rhp director, talked to an engineering counselor, drove around all the surrounding neighborhoods, and probably walked around every square inch of campus. It really is a beautiful campus, and the neighborhood around usc really isn't as bad as I was lead to believe! (Other than some bars on some of the windows of nearby houses).

    Yesterday we went to universal in the torrential rain. I thought it never rained in southern california!

    My son has seen enough of the school to know he would like to go there. I just need to justify that it is worth 3 times the cost of Purdue!
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  • beammeup4beammeup4 257 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Good to know you enjoyed the campus.

    Sorry you had to come on such a bad day weather-wise.

    You know it's atypical L.A. weather when you overhear the tour guides telling their groups EXACTLY where in the bookstore to get your USC ponchos and umbrellas! =)
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  • NikaraNikara 1104 replies47 threads Senior Member
    If you got the chance to be on campus today, you probably got another plus of USC- they were filming the OC here today. They made one of our parks into Brown University. Yay.
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