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USC Class of 2010

guidez89guidez89 673 replies19 threads Member
Introduce Yourself!

State / Country:
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Replies to: USC Class of 2010

  • guidez89guidez89 673 replies19 threads Member
    I'll start.

    Major: classical guitar, hoping to minor in cinema/television and law/psychology
    Location: Norcal, SJ
    State / Country: Ca
    Gender: M
    Activities/Hobbies: music (guitar), swimming, bike-riding, theatre, musical theatre, singing, composing, traveling, snowboarding
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  • comparanza1212comparanza1212 133 replies55 threads Junior Member
    Major: Finance and Business Economics
    Location: Seattle, Washington
    Gender: Male
    Activities/Hobbies: Debate, journalism, tennis, russian
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  • yay4collegeyay4college 129 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Major: Biological Sciences
    Location: Orange County
    State/Country: CA, USA
    Gender: Female
    Activities/Hobbies: Singing, Learning Random Foreign Languages!!, Research, Sleeping :-D
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  • TCannonT05TCannonT05 25 replies2 threads New Member
    Major: Business and Marketing
    Location: South Bay
    State / Country: CALIFORNIA
    Gender: Male
    Activities/Hobbies: Surfing and bodyboarding, photography, video games, sleeping, volleyball, soccer, listening to music, photoshop-ing, and... having fun (esp. at USC)
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  • sarahjhansensarahjhansen 579 replies22 threads Member
    Major: Poly Sci, but switching to Business and Marketing
    Location: East Bay
    State/Country: California
    Gender: Female
    Activities/Hobbies: Singing, student leadership, piano, friends, NAPS! : )
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  • happycappyhappycappy 27 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Major: Print Journalism in Annenberg
    Location: Cincinnati
    State/Country: Ohio, but previously lived in Mission Viejo, California until high school
    Gender: Female
    Activities/Hobbies: bike riding, camping, anything outdoorsy, really, movies, dancing, and having as much fun as possible now that i'm in ;-)
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  • momoney77momoney77 260 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Major: Neuroscience/Spanish
    Location: San Diego
    State/Country: CA
    Gender: Female
    Activities: Working out, reading, movies, gymnastics, traveling!
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  • watson1watson1 17 replies0 threads New Member
    Major: Not sure yet which school I got into but dream would be the business of cinema
    Location: San Francisco
    State / Country: CA
    Gender: Female
    Activities/Hobbies: Tennis, reading, singing, computers, knitting(don't laugh!)
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  • BAYbeeBAYbee 3 replies0 threads New Member
    Major: Biological Sciences
    Location: Norcal, CA
    State / Country: CALI
    Gender: female
    Activities/Hobbies: Dancing, Dancing, dancing!!! THIZZ DANCE!! Tennis, ASB Social Chairperson, Spanish Tutoring--iMe encanta la idioma!, and a whole lot more. I love the Bay Area lifestyle, but I can't wait to move to SC!
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  • EsamisaEsamisa 2026 replies155 threads Senior Member
    Major: Fine Arts, (studio art) hoping to change to school of cinema and television (or whatever it was called here;; I can't remember)
    Location: too many rich people land
    State / Country: OKLAHOMA~ OK!
    Gender: female
    Activities/Hobbies: Drawing, obviously... reading, writing, sleeping... love my computer...(i do everything on it basically) and watching animation (that's why i want to be cinema-television major.. (or at least animation minor)
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  • divaddivad 20 replies0 threads New Member
    Major: Film and Television Production
    Location: San Diego county
    State / Country: California
    Gender: Male
    Activities/Hobbies: Music (piano, guitar, singing, etc.), Theater, dance, movies, graphic design...
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  • SoOverCollegeSoOverCollege 5 replies0 threads New Member
    Major: Was print journalism, switching to public relations, minor in advertising and possibly something else
    Location: San Clemente, South Orange County
    State / Country: California
    Gender: Female
    Activities/Hobbies: Partyinnnn, working at Abercrombie, tennis, ultimate frisbee, going to the beach... i sound horribly shallow and stupid... i promise im not haha
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  • I_amI_am 62 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Major: Engineering
    Location: Vancouver
    State / Country: WA
    Gender: Female
    Activities/Hobbies: Running, science olympiad, sleeping, eating, hanging out with friends...
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  • Zelda55Zelda55 48 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Major: Biological Sciences
    Location: Placer County (near Sacramento)
    State: California
    Gender: Male
    Activities: Tennis, ice hockey, piano, guitar (for fun/beginner)
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  • pinkdillopinkdillo 210 replies20 threads Junior Member
    Major: Print Journalism
    Location: Dallas
    State: Texas
    Gender: Female
    Activities: Club swimming, theatre (love it!), journalism, shopping?
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  • park5378park5378 184 replies60 threads Junior Member
    major: most likely chem., minor in history or music
    Location: northwest of chicago, suburbs
    State: IL
    Gender: female
    Activities: music, music, music (i play flute), movies, creative writing, swimming,
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  • N1RVANAN1RVANA 20 replies2 threads New Member
    Major: Business Administration/Finance
    Location: Washington D.C.
    State / Country: MD
    Gender: male
    Activities/Hobbies: napping
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  • babytrojanbabytrojan 59 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Major: Business Administration
    Location: Los Angeles
    State / Country: CA
    Gender: Female
    Activities/Hobbies: reading, shopping, going out w/ friends, debate, seeing movies
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  • asarg2001asarg2001 58 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Major: Cinema-Television Critical Studies
    Location: St. Louis
    State / Country: MO
    Gender: Male
    Activities/Hobbies: music, guitar, stuff with movies, sports fanning/recreationally playing
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  • DHsu87DHsu87 3 replies1 threads New Member
    Major: Music- Clarinet Performance
    Location: Norcal
    State/Country: CA
    Gender: Male
    Activities/Hobbies: classical music, running, tennis, orchestra
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