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Narrative Studies major

FlambeauFlambeau 41 replies26 threads Junior Member
Anyone have experience with this major, especially post-grad? It looks very interesting to me and I'm considering majoring in it, but since USC is the only college that has this major, would a regular English or Communications degree be a better bet than a vague degree like Narrative Studies?
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Replies to: Narrative Studies major

  • nolegirl97nolegirl97 18 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I am considering it too. The courses look so interesting. I think I might double major in Communications and Narrative Studies. Either that or doing the progressive major, where I get out with a Master's in five years.
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  • LayraSparksLayraSparks 426 replies12 threads Member
    I'm a Cinematic Arts major, and I'm also thinking about double majoring in Narrative Studies, and I know someone who's doing the same. It has screenwriting and playwriting and film criticism in it, and has a lot of overlap with my primary major.
    I think it's great if you want to double major and are looking for something writing-oriented, but I don't know how far you can get with it on its own.
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  • FlambeauFlambeau 41 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for the replies, guys!

    Yeah, I'm really torn. I really love the major and all its offerings; I feel like I want to take almost every single class offered in it, not just ten! I feel like it differs from the English major in that I'd get to take classes in literature -and- film, TV, theater, et cetera instead of focusing solely on literature and prose writing.

    I guess it's just the name of the degree that concerns me a bit. USC is the only college that even has this major, as far as I know. It certainly won't be asked for on job applications the way English or Communications might be, though most of those jobs -do- have a "or related field" qualifier. I just wonder if employers would view it as a BS degree without considering the coursework.

    I -could- do a double major, and I'm thinking about that too. My other top choices of major are Music Industry and Communications. Maybe English but again, Narrative Studies seems like an English major that is more interesting. But I'm also interested in the Screenwriting, Songwriting, and Advertising minors.

    Ah, USC, why must you offer -so- many fascinating courses? :P
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