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FERPA (transfer)

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Hello all. I thought I'd share some information regarding my experience with my FERPA request.

It went well. My request was honored. (yay) It did take a while (as for timeline about a month or so)

Unfortunately, I did not receive printed copies of anything, however, there wasn't much to see anyways.

My admissions counselor reviewed my application and made some notes including some details such as:

- GPA (the one I listed)
- USC calculated GPA
- School(s)
- Academic Rigor
Comments: noted my 1 W, full course load
- General Ed
Comments: FL not completed (foreign language)
- Recommended Semester
Comment: Fall

Academic Rigor & General Ed are categories on their own, and given a score out of 3.
For reference, I was given a score of 3 for Academic Rigor & 2 for General Ed. (The two was because I did not complete a foreign language & the individual assured me that a one 2 was not an issues) There might have been another category (honestly I really can't remember) but I'm pretty sure I got a 3 in this one too. I apologize. ://

It seems as though counselors read over your application twice and make sure to note any new pertinent information.

At the end of the second note, there was a box that said "batched ok for admission." I asked what this meant as she said "the decision was made."

I waived my rights to see my LORs so the person assisting me skipped over this portion.

At the end, there was a bunch of details including to crime, stability, housing, etc (I assume this data is dependent on your zip code). The individual told me that this data pertains mostly to hs seniors.

My conclusion from this experience:

GPA & Academic Rigor are by far the most important determining factors for admissions. Also, 1 W won't kill you. Slightly less exciting than I thought it would be. Haha.

***They might have deleted some notes prior so this might post might not include all data/notes taken***
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