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USC film school acceptance rate

RubberSoul69RubberSoul69 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi, I’m wondering how likely my chances of admission are to the USC film program just based on my short film. My grade point is around 3.2- 3.4 and of course I have the other supplementals to account for, but I feel like the most importance would probably be placed on the actual work. Here is the link to mine: https://youtu.be/738u-crDha0

Tell me what you think!
Thanks :)
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Replies to: USC film school acceptance rate

  • WWWardWWWard 3163 replies15 threads Senior Member
    USC SCA has never published such #s as best I can tell. Absent an insider spilling the info, all that any of us can go on is speculation and the #s overheard or talked about over the years. Overall, the SCA admit rate moving forward will still likely be in the 2-8% range... varying by program... with writing and IMGD likely being in that 2-4% range... production likely in the 3-5% range, animation and MAP likely in that 4-6% range and CAMS likely in that 6-8% range.

    If anyone out there discovers the exact #s, please feel free to correct me or update these percentages. This also reflects the inverse in terms of #s admitted for each program as best I understand it... with more CAMS admits and writing and IMGD admitting the fewest.

    A few years ago... it was posted on CC that SCA Admissions aimed for class sizes (which means they admitted likely double these #s to allow for yield) of 75 Cinema and Media Studies, 50 production, 12 IMGD, 15 Screenwriting, and 24 animation majors. That was before MAP was an option. Back then... Production was reported to be 4-6% admitted & IMGD was 2%. But more are applying these days... thus my downward speculation in terms of percentages. For example... when these percentages were quoted, the overall USC admit rate was around 17%. It is now 11%... or it was at least 11% last cycle. It could be a little higher this year. They have yet to announce the total # of admits so far.

    Clearly, gaining admission to any SCA major is a huge accomplishment... as the competition is severe, and the number of spots available is extremely limited. Internal transfers (current students trying to transfer in to SCA) face slightly better odds. It is hardest trying to get in directly as a high school senior.
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  • chrsarchchrsarch 10 replies0 threads New Member
    @RubberSoul69 I attempted to apply to USC for film, but I was unaware of the additional supplements they require. On top of the media supplement, they require several writing supplements, a personal statement, a portfolio, and 3 letters of recommendation. This website should have any questions you have regarding the supplement application and any other requirements:

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  • chrsarchchrsarch 10 replies0 threads New Member
    Also I don't remember which school in SoCal had this requirement, but one if not a few of the film schools down there do not allow gun violence in the media portion of the portfolio
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