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Top 10 ways to shut up a Bruin

bmanbs2bmanbs2 Registered User Posts: 1,719 Senior Member
For all the new freshman and transfers, you are coming in at an interesting time, after a loss to UCLA in football. You will probably hear "13-9" over and over again, and we did legitimatly loose (abeit by 4 points, as opposed to Rout 66-19 of the previous year). But, there are ways to make the conversation end there:

10. They say: University of South Central.
You say: What, are you scared of minorities? Maybe that's why in 2006
UCLA only enrolled 96 Black students. Maybe it's why Black UCLA
football players want to get out ASAP.

9. They say: We have 100 NCAA national championships, more than you.
You Say: You would have 101, but your 1995 softball championship was
revoked for having non-student athletes, such as Tanya Harding (This is not the figure skater).
Heck, the NCAA banned you from the 1997 season and nearly killed the
program forever.

8. They say: How ridiculous is it that Lil' Romeo is going to play basketball
for USC in 2008.
You say: I don't care if he sings poka if he can play. At least we know
he has communication skills. Aaron Aflano has been quoted as
saying "They outphysicaled us." Glad they empasize grammer at UCLA.

7. They say: Can't spell Trojan without OJ.
You say: We hate OJ. When they showed him on the jumbotron at
homecoming last year, 92,000 people went DEAD SILENT.

6. They say: Your stadium sucks.
You say: It's across the street, we have the Olympic torch, and you
used to play here. The world knows that the Rose Bowl is played at the
Rose Bowl, which you never seem to play in.

5. They say: Didn't the Trojans lose the Trojan war?
You say: Yes, but that's the point. The name Trojans came from a
track meet. USC had been doing very poorly, and soon it became
impossible to win. Then, as a writer described, they had the "fighting
spirit of Trojans" and won every subsequent event. Now that's heart.
Besides, you got your mascot from Cal (more on Cal later).

4. They say: We're smarter than you.
You say: In the past, yes, but are you now? We're one step below you
in USNews, a ranking hated by many. We have the top film school hands
down, and our incoming class has higher test scores than yours.

3. They say: University of Spoiled Children.
You say: Acutally, the average family income of a UCLA student is higher
than that of an average USC student. You OOS tuition is higher than
ours, and USC need-based financial aid is some of the best around.
Those most in need can afford to go to USC, not UCLA.

2. They say: You're mean, disrespectful, and full of yourselves.
You say: Remember the scene after your huge four point win? Fans
getting tear-gassed on the feild, vicious profanity at USC fans, yelling
and bragging about your trip to a bowl game played before New Year's,
in a baseball stadium, which you LOST. I've never seen such a classless
display in my life.

1. They say: University of Second Choice.
You say: Why did you choose UCLA over Cal? It's a simple question
with a simple answer: they didn't get into Cal. All the UCLA students
I've met got rejected at Cal, so they attended UCLA. If UCLA was
better than Cal, wouldn't it be called Cal? The Cal reference is by far
the best way to shut up a Bruin. Also, remember you can say "I'm really
sorry you didn't get into Cal." That one, I've learned from experience,
works every time.

Please add to this list, as I'm sure there's ones I've forgotten.
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Replies to: Top 10 ways to shut up a Bruin

  • AzNChoiBoi8AzNChoiBoi8 Registered User Posts: 202 Junior Member
    actually im going to have to disagree with statement 1. ucla, berkeley, and usc have all become similar in terms of admissions standards recently, and its no longer true that one is a backup for another. it used to be that people generally favored berkeley, then ucla, then usc in the 90s, but this was also a time when USC's acceptance rate was over 50% and berkeley was more difficult to get into than UCLA. now the three are closer and many people get into a stereotypically "harder" school and rejected by an "easier one." admissions staff look at more than just gpa/sat now. i know lots of people who got into berkeley but rejected by ucla or accepted to ucla but rejected from usc. also, many choose UCLA over Berkeley or USC over UCLA, or any combination for that matter.
  • bmanbs2bmanbs2 Registered User Posts: 1,719 Senior Member
    Well, the fact still stands that the students I know that go to the Los Angeles branch campus got rejected at the main Berkley campus.
  • bmanbs2bmanbs2 Registered User Posts: 1,719 Senior Member
    And now I can't edit the OP, but I'd like to thank protokurios for pointing out that the correct spelling is Arron Afflalo.
  • Jane AJane A Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    I was admitted into UCLA, Berkeley and USC.....went USC because it is smaller in size.
  • bmanbs2bmanbs2 Registered User Posts: 1,719 Senior Member
    ^ You got into Berkley, most of them didn't. You're set.
  • powerabe13powerabe13 Registered User Posts: 399 Member
    It's funny because UCLA was the only school I resisted applying to (out of the ones that I did apply to), but did anyways at the request of my parents. God must have heard my prayer... I got rejected by them, haha. Honestly, I don't know how UCLA admissions works (and I'm not saying that because I'm bitter about being rejected or anything like that). More or less, it seems like they flip a four-sided coin to determine who is in or not. :)

    That said, I actually have a lot of good friends who go to UCLA, but it does get annoying whenever they mention 13-9, haha. Whenever that happens, I just want to lay a vicious hit on them like Rey Maualuga did on UCrapLA QB Patrick Cowan last year (OK, maybe not THAT vicious... they ARE friends). I sense a 70 to negative 14 thrashing of UCLA on our home turf this season. Does anybody second that? :)
  • UCLAriUCLAri Registered User Posts: 14,740 Senior Member

    Two minor points to help you out here: 1) It's "lose," not "loose." Your pants are loose. You lose a game. And 2) It's "Berkeley."

    Oh, and the stats of admitted students to UCLA and Berkeley (as well as matriculants) are well within a standard deviation of one another. So...yeah. It is true, however, that USC is quickly becoming as competitive if not moreso than Berkeley. Cheers to that.

    Still, it's Berkeley. Anyway, carry on guys. Good to see you are giving us a good fight. :D
  • bmanbs2bmanbs2 Registered User Posts: 1,719 Senior Member
    ^ only a matter of time.

    Actually, I usually trust the spell-check thing in Firefox (best ad-on ever), but I sent my computer in for repairs and am currently using one with only IE, and it's owner doesn't want Firefox. I caught some but obviously not all.

    And yes, of admitted students, just like second-level state schools admit the same students as Stanford, Harvard, etc. What of enrolled students?
  • UCLAriUCLAri Registered User Posts: 14,740 Senior Member
    The "matriculants" part sort of implies something...;)
  • bmanbs2bmanbs2 Registered User Posts: 1,719 Senior Member
    Good point. Didn't read that. I have a bad habit of skipping paranthetical (sp as I'm using IE) notes, even though I use them, as in this very statement.

    Still, I'm glad to be going to the best school in my school's system, even if there is only one school in the USC system.

    And what of the other nine? Any opinions on those?
  • UCLAriUCLAri Registered User Posts: 14,740 Senior Member
    In terms of admissions, UCLA and Berkeley are very similar. There's about a half-SD drop with UCSD, and then the rest are a jumble that I simply don't pay much attention to, really.
  • bmanbs2bmanbs2 Registered User Posts: 1,719 Senior Member
    What about the 40% drop in the rates of Black football player graduations as opposed to that of Whites? And I know they're not all leaving early for the NFL.
  • UCLAriUCLAri Registered User Posts: 14,740 Senior Member
    I don't have enough data to make any statements. I'd want to see at least 5 years of data before I said anything.
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