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hopeful2b_yank3ehopeful2b_yank3e 804 replies128 threads Member
Hey everyone. I was just wondering what my chances are for getting into USC's business school. Any comments would be great! thanks

ACT: 27. I don't really know what happened, but this is my score and I doubt i'll have time to retake with my schedule.
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0):3.8

AP: French, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Chemistry, Calculus
IB (place score in parenthesis):Full IB <---death. School that does the IB program won very prestigious award for international focus.

Senior Year Course Load:
@ High School :
AP Spanish
AP Chemistry
AP Calculus
AP/IB Spanish Literature
IB Lit
IB History
IB theory of knowledge
IB Projects
@ College
International Economics
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): none

Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):

Varsity Tennis (captain), Varsity Soccer ( captain), ASB President, NHS, Drama( costumes), EIHS President ( the IB school, that won goldman sach's award for international focus, inside of my school, i can explain if I need to), on the YAT which is a group of students on the board of education for my state. we are advisors for the superintendent.

Job/Work Experience: None

Volunteer/Community service: Over 150 hours, 100 in spanish by senior year. I started and lead a group that goes around my city and helps hispanics that are having trouble with school because of a language barrier and tutor them one on one. By the end of senior year, i would guess that I would have 200+

Summer Activities: Taking a course at University and doing community service. Also visiting colleges.
Essays: I have a couple ideas. Talking about teachers and how they transformed me. Especially french.
Teacher Recommendation:I have solid ones.
Counselor Rec: she loves me

Male Hispanic on the West coast, i'm not from Cali though. Not first generation college student.
My parents went to school on the east coast ( not ivies or top 20) and my brother goes to UCLA actually...

Thanks everyone!
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  • xCollegemanxxCollegemanx 7 replies2 threads New Member
    I know USC likes to admit about 5% African Americans but I'm not sure how many hispanics they like to admit.. It depends how strong the applicant pool is from the hispanics. I think you're porbably in.
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  • hopeful2b_yank3ehopeful2b_yank3e 804 replies128 threads Member
    Okay, yeah i know they like URM status, but I don't know how much that helps for USC. But thanks! hopefully I get in.
    Any more opinions are welcomed :)
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  • akalboyakalboy 822 replies25 threads Member
    Not sure of your weighted GPA, but I'm assuming it's pretty high based off of your courses for senior year. I think you should have a very shot at getting in. If you have time, taking the SAT's or retaking the ACT's wouldn't hurt.
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  • hopeful2b_yank3ehopeful2b_yank3e 804 replies128 threads Member
    I am TERRIBLE at the SATs, and I'm going to take the ACTs again.

    And my school doesn't do weighted GPa, which sucks. :/

    And thank you! Even though my brother and all his friends hate me for even applying ( they go to UCLA) I'd love to go!! haha
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  • Taxi1113Taxi1113 517 replies12 threads Member
    I think your courseload is so strong that you could probably get in regardless of the low ACT. However, you may end up only getting admitted for spring semester. Unfortunately, it seems like USC thinks pretty highly of standardized testing, so I would try to take the ACT again. If you look at the students who posted their decisions from last year, not many got in with an ACT under 29. But like I said before, your courseload is ridiculously strong and that should help compensate. Good luck.
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  • hopeful2b_yank3ehopeful2b_yank3e 804 replies128 threads Member
    What do you mean " only getting admitted for spring semester?"

    and yeah, hopefully my courseload helps! thanks taxi!!
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  • Taxi1113Taxi1113 517 replies12 threads Member
    Some applicants, including myself, get spring admission. It's something USC does because of a lack of space. Basically, it means that USC wants you, but you're probably not a top academic applicant due to your GPA, courseload, or test scores. I won't be starting classes this year until January. The good news is that for people with strong AP test scores, myself included, the gap won't really put you behind with credits. The bad news is that you miss football season and won't be able to rush until the next year if you're a girl. Generally people who truly want to go to USC and have the ability end up waiting the semester and choose to start in January. Hope that answered your question.
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