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Do all usc frats haze???


Replies to: Do all usc frats haze???

  • bbggbbgg Registered User Posts: 496 Member
    So I am a mom of a current Sigma Chi at USC. Is anyone rushing this semester? Which fraternities are you liking so far?
  • FightOnTwistFightOnTwist Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    I am not a student at USC, but I'm on that campus plenty because I go to games. Also, I am an alumnus of Kappa Alpha Order fraternity which just recently got their charter back at USC. Many of my friends from my undergraduate days were either Theta Chi or Kappa Sigma, both of which have chapters at USC.

    Personally, I got hazed plenty during my time in KA. Unlike some people on this thread I am not shy about telling you what happened because I've been graduated for some time now and the idiots that took over the chapter after I left lost it because of poor grades. Not like nationals can do anything anyhow.

    As many people have already told you hazing occurs in many different ways. We had to answer EVERY phone call the same way "This is Kappa Alpha Order Pledge (insert name)." We were also required to carry a book with us that required signatures from active members and alumni for the carrying out of certain tasks. None of them caused any physical harm to us and, to be honest, looking back on them, they were pretty damn funny.

    Group hazing experiences are generally the worst and these can include doing physical training in crappy weather until you get the tenets of your fraternity down pat, drinking nasty crap that makes you throw up, and swimming in nasty environments. Kidnappings can either go really well or really poorly depending on if the active is a complete d*ck or just wants to kill some time. My pledge quarter was definitely humiliating at times, but overall it was an experience that I wouldn't change for anything. I think I saw 2 pledges quit during my entire 4 years in the Order and I'm not exactly sure they really wanted to join a fraternity anyhow. They thought you just paid money and got to drink.

    That being said, I personally love KA and still talk to all of the old alumni. I've been to KA houses across the nation and most of them have generally been cool. I don't know much about the Kappa Alpha Order colony on USC's campus, but I hear they're all cool guys. Members of other chapters in the south might have a problem with the "personal dating choices" of some of the members, from what I've heard, but, then again, they couldn't stand our chapter because we outpartied almost every single one of them and did things our own way.

    I definitely encourage anyone thinking of joining a fraternity to consider Kappa Alpha Order. They have many rich ties with USC. USC uses the same colors as Kappa Alpha and Robert E. Lee's (our spiritual founder) horse was named Traveler. Sound familiar? Matter of fact, one of our old pledge excursions was sending them and two actives down to L.A. for a night (paid for by our chapter), put them up in a hotel and made them go to Greek Escape to purchase paddles for their Big Brothers. They could also purchase things for themselves, but they obviously couldn't be letters.

    Find the fit for you, before even attending my university I was friends with Theta Chi's. I used to attend their parties because I worked with one of them, when I began going to college, I decided that,despite knowing just about every member, Theta Chi and I weren't a good fit. The guys in Kappa Alpha fit my personality more. I do not regret my decision in the slightest.

    BTW, to counteract some of the points made on this thread, many of these hazing rituals performed by fraternities aren't as secret as they'd like to think they are. If you ask around enough, you can pretty much figure out who hazes and what they do. Hell, the best people to ask ARE the sorority girls. Guys in fraternities LOVE to pillow talk the girls they're trying to hook up with and brag about what they made their pledges do. I didn't date sorority girls for this exact reason, trust me, they will ask and ask and ask what the brothers made you do. Hell, some of them will even go through your stuff to see if they can get your pin or your "secret book." I'm not saying they're horrible for wanting to know this stuff or being sneaky in trying to find out, but they're a GREAT source of information when you're trying to pledge. Actually, some of the Gamma Phi Beta's and Phi Sigma Sigma girls knew what was gonna happen to us before WE even found out as pledges. They knew that it "swim in the river" night and told us what to wear/bring before we even went to our pledge meetings. Sure enough, they were right.

    The worst people to ask are parents, kids rarely tell their parents the embarrassing stuff they had to do, and most parents are under the impression that their kid is in "just the sweetest group of friends ever." Luckily for us, two of my pledge brother's dad's were members of national fraternities. So, they didn't ask too many questions when were getting home or leaving at all hours of the night dressed very oddly or looking like crap. They knew.
  • mongoose8pmongoose8p Registered User Posts: 94 Junior Member
    So I am a mom of a current Sigma Chi at USC. Is anyone rushing this semester? Which fraternities are you liking so far?

    -pledge semester for most houses just ended the rush starts again in January

    and Sigma Chi is the top fraternity at USC right now
  • mongoose8pmongoose8p Registered User Posts: 94 Junior Member
    "All fraternities haze. But in different ways. Sigma Chi and Lambda Chi haze in a more mental way and they are known as an easier pledgeship. SAE, PIKE, AEPI, and TKE are examples of houses that take a more handson approach."

    this is not really true. Lambda Chi's pledge process is a joke and thats why no one in greek life considers them a fraternity but more of a social organization. Don't get me wrong its a top tier house but little respect from other fraternities. Sigma Chi's is in a mental way for the most part but they also have a lot of responsibility and way more time commitment than most houses. My old roommate was a Sigma Chi pledge so I heard everything and while there wasn't much traditional hazing they go through a lot. Their pledge classes are really close by the end. TKE and AEPI haze really hard and are second tier fraternities - TKE is very traditional type hazing (workouts, etc). Pike doesn't even have a house so don't even consider it right now.

    "Ok a lot of u guys are getting this idea wrong. It really depends on how you define "hazing." Technically wearing pins everyday and wearing suits on mondays is a form of hazing. Being referred to as pledges is considered hazing, as your supposed to be considered "candidates.""

    VERY TRUE!!!!!!!!!
  • FightOnTwistFightOnTwist Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    Typical things that we had to undergo were stupid tasks; getting a receipt from a store at an exact time, cleaning houses/cars, get a "hot girl" to put on our pledge class shirt and take a picture with us, and picking drunk actives up from the bars.

    Hell week was interesting, we were locked in a garage for four hours and brought out one at a time to perform random tasks off of the "Wheel of Misfortune." These varied from physical exercise to singing and dancing. Really, we just spent the entire four hours in the garage laughing and telling jokes. Other than the discomfort from the cold and them keeping the lights off the entire time, it was pretty weak sauce.

    Pledge meetings included physical exercise, drinking strange, but non-alcoholic, concoctions. Word to the wise, avoid facial piercings if you hear you MIGHT have to drink weird crap. I had a bull-ring in my nose and my lips pierced on both sides and they put Frank's Red Hot in our "drink" that stuff burned like hell throwing it back up.

    This all seems like "whoa, screw that" when you read it, but it's seriously not as bad as it sounds. To be honest, once I went active we spent WAY more time screwing with other actives than we did pledges. Anybody in any sort of good fraternity knows that the real hazing doesn't begin until you're an initiated member. That's when you get nicknames that you hate and people relive your most embarrassing moments over and over. Nicknames given by a fraternity is RARELY EVER for something awesome and positive. There's usually a horror story behind it involving something embarrassing. Sure, the nicknames sound cool, but they aren't, haha.

    Twist (my nickname) is because I had a roommate violate our lease during my pledge quarter and couldn't get dorm housing until the Winter quarter. So, consequently, I was constantly spending the night at my pledge brothers' houses and often got stuck in the same clothes and absolutely chowing down on the food they made us for pledge meetings even though it was supposed to be disgusting. I mean, I was eating the hell out of soy sauce and chocolate covered soft tacos from Taco Bell when they were supposed to be a punishment because I hadn't eaten that day.

    So, they started calling me Oliver Twist making fun of me not having a place to live and constantly wearing the same rotation of clothes because I couldn't afford new ones. Now, it's just second nature. I hear Twist and I turn around.
  • SShoot3rSShoot3r Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    Very Hard - SAE, Phi Psi, ATO
    Hard - Sigma nu, ZBT, TKE, AEPI
    Moderate - Kappa Sig, Beta, Phi Delt.
    Easy - Sigma Chi, Lambda Chi

    Every House hazes in some sort of way, but the more traditional fraternities generally have harder semester since they have had long standing traditions.
  • SShoot3rSShoot3r Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    And if you're thinking of joining asian beta, then good luck cuz they have probably the hardest hazing since they are not regulated by IFC. i've heard they do some messed up things
  • Arctic92Arctic92 Registered User Posts: 678 Member
    A lot of the rumors going around about asian beta's program are unsubstantiated. It's by no means easy, but i've heard some ridiculous rumors about what people heard pledges had to do, and some were clearly B.S.
  • usctransferadamusctransferadam Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    whats the a top house at usc with the least amount of physical hazing.
  • MitchKreybenMitchKreyben Registered User Posts: 439 Member
    Perhaps most "frats" do. But Alpha Tau Omega is a Fraternity, and they don't haze.
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