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Since u guys know so much about UT :)

confuzed0304confuzed0304 18 replies2 threads New Member
I want to go to the University of Texas in Austin....but it's been getting harder and harder to get in lately. Here are my stats...please let me know what my chances for getting in are:

Class Rank: 56/457 (top 12%)
GPA: 6.3125/6.5 (that converts into a 3.8846/4.0)
SAT Scores: V 560 M 660
SAT II: Writing 650 U.S. History 620 Math 1C 620
ACT: 29

I am Editor-in-chief of the school paper, president of the cultural club, and president of the buisness club.

I have won 4 journalism awards, 2 school awards (1 merit and 1 honor), nominated for an award (i was on the top 5) for an award through the buisness club competing against 4 other people from the entire metropolitan city, and our club won 3rd place in a competition so far this year.

For community service I have volunteered approximately 109 hours for an internationally acclaimed charity.

I dream of getting into this school, specifically their education school. What do you think my chances are?

--Also, what are the best all girls dorms on campus? Or should I live in an apartment?
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Replies to: Since u guys know so much about UT :)

  • karenindallaskarenindallas 196 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Are you a Texas resident?
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  • Hoo_29Hoo_29 - 523 replies29 threads Member
    If you are not in the top 10%, kiss your chances goodbye!
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  • confuzed0304confuzed0304 18 replies2 threads New Member
    karenindallas: Yes, I was born and raised in TX.

    Hoo_29: Actually, I know plenty of people who are not in top 25% who made it into UT Austin....but they all didn't get into the school they desired.(e.g- The Buisness School)
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  • hiyahiya 53 replies10 threads Junior Member
    well, it depends on how competitive your school is.... you might get in, but it'll be a close call........
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  • IslandmomIslandmom 275 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Do you write well? I know that they look at well-written essays as a factor that could tip the admissions process your way.

    SAT scores 25%-75% for UT was 1110-1350 for 2003-2004. So you're sort of in the middle there. UT's website says that it admits thousands of students that are not top 10%. 24,519 applied in 2003-2004 and 11,504 were accepted. So those are some of your odds. My advice is cliche: Nothing ventured , nothing gained. Give it a shot. Hope it goes your way.
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