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What "school supplies" do I need for college?

dhs911230dhs911230 Registered User Posts: 806 Member
So...i know a laptop would be useful and also textbooks.
But do people have binders for each class? Just like highschool?
What school supplies do i need for college?
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Replies to: What "school supplies" do I need for college?

  • sasha2014sasha2014 Registered User Posts: 560 Member
    Laptop Case (!) If you're on the go, gotta protect it.
    Printer/Scanner - with wifi connection with your laptop is awesome too.
    Plenty of printer paper
    Notecards (will really help to make notecards for tests)
    Pencil Sharpener
    A sturdy backpack

    ****A PLANNER!!! Ah, yes. A planner is perhaps one of the most important things I own. You're going to remember test dates, quiz dates, deadlines, etc. And writing them down immediately after a professor says them will help you by a long shot. I'm a studious (hah, yeah right...haha jk, no sorta) English major and I write a lot and so I got my badass planner from Barnes and Noble.

    And I pretty much have one of those 3 subject 5 star notebooks for each class that I take. If you're taking a language, they usually require workbooks as the textbooks. Have rarely felt the need to use a binder. Folders work good.

    That's about it. If you're going to be taking a lot science or math classes, it would help to bring a TI-83 calculator whatever the latest version is and graph paper as well. You'll need ''Blue Books'' for some of them to take tests but that'll come up later on.

    It's basically like high school, except being organized is more important now. No more box of assorted crayons, tissue boxes, and Lisa Frank lunchboxes! :p
  • TVBuffTVBuff Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    There is no need to have a bunch of crap for college. I take notes on computer paper so I use less paper than if I used a lined notebook. I have a few pens and a few number two pencils and that's about it. I don't use binders. Last semester I used a padfolio to keep all my papers together and that worked well.

    I don't use separate notebooks for each class because I never fill them up so it just seems like a waste. I don't use planners either. I just get a piece of paper and write everything due on that and carry it around everywhere and cross stuff out when it's over.

    This way all I have to take to class is my padfolio and maybe a novel or two. If you have binders for each class you're going to either have to carry more than one around or switch them out all the time with can turn into a pain in the ass.

    I'm a senior now and I haven't had to spend jack on 'school supplies' since...well, ever. I stole five packs of computer paper from my parent's house when I first moved away and that's held me over since.
  • rp1242rp1242 Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    Get a smartphone if you don't have one. Organizing applications like Jorte (for Android) makes keeping up with assignments and appointments a breeze. With a smartphone you can also respond to emails quickly and check class announcements on the go.
  • Inmotion12Inmotion12 Registered User Posts: 1,042 Senior Member
    I advise you to go as paperless as possible.

    You will need pens, pencils, and notebooks for taking notes - many professors do not allow laptops open during lectures.

    Other than that you should look into a good tablet with either the latest mac os or android os, or go cheaper and get a netbook.
  • sasha2014sasha2014 Registered User Posts: 560 Member
    Yeah. It just depends on what device you'll find most easy to take notes on. For some classes I'd do typed and other that - did not allow laptops or suggested them not to be used - I'd have a notebook. For some reason that's been most of my classes.

    And myself, I do fill up notebooks usually or at least 3/4 of the way. I prefer to just write everything down with pens. And yeah I get all my printer paper from home, or where I live now has free printing anyway which has made my printer null and void unless I really want to print in my room.

    Oh yeah, finding a place that will let you print for free, saves A LOT. You might be in a program or something. I'm in one. That's always nice. Ink is **** expensive!
  • dhs911230dhs911230 Registered User Posts: 806 Member
    Thank you sp much!!
  • soadquake981soadquake981 Registered User Posts: 1,574 Senior Member
    You should decide what you need for each class. It usually varies. My system is as follows: I have two folders in my backpack at all times: one for syllabi (don't forget to bring syllabi to class with you!) and looseleaf paper, and the other for homework assignments. I also carry notebooks for the classes I have each day. I typically don't use a binder for a class unless there is an exorbitant number of handouts, which happens sometimes.
  • omgseriouslyomgseriously Registered User Posts: 118 Junior Member
    Aw, what a cute thread. Whatever method helped you in high school, you should probably follow. Bring obvious things, like notebooks, notecards, highlighters, something to hold loose papers, etc, if you know that you will use them.

    I never took notes on my laptop. I knew that I would get distracted, so all my notes, even the ones in classes like psychology, were hand written.
    I never owned a TI83 or any graphing calculator. I took Calc 1 & 2.
    I never used a binder or planner. They don't work for ME. I did use the calendar on my iPhone though. Love that thing.
    The only "required" supply I remember needing is an iClicker ($40 at the CoOp). A stapler is also highly recommended.
    My major's biochem
  • sasha2014sasha2014 Registered User Posts: 560 Member
    English major here. I hope I never have to buy this thing you call iClicker. lol

    Yeah. It really depends on your major on whether you need that thing or not!
  • smartone92smartone92 Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    Notebooks for taking notes because laptops are highly distracting (I maximized my use of the area on the paper by writing two lines inside one line and I managed to fit a year's worth of notes in one notebook for some of my classes)

    TI-83 graphing calculator is fine. No need for the fancier newer graphing calculators. I've had a TI-83 since high school and it still served its purpose. WolframAlpha.com is a huge help in calculus.

    Pencils for scantron bubbling.
    Pens for note taking and just writing in general. Plus, pens don't fade away or get smeared to the point where you can't even read your notes if you write in pencil.

    No need for a printer. Taking certain classes at UT (like math or chemistry) will give you access to free printing at UT. Also, printing is just a measly 6 cents. Most of the time, you can just look at a PDF file. No need to print everything out. It's a waste of paper and let's try to go green, eh? Maximize your free printing by printing PDF files two per page and double-sided.

    No need to buy a planner when there's Google Calendar. If you have a smartphone, I'm sure there's an app for a planner! Or you can write on Post-It Notes. Those are super handy.

    I suggest bringing important notes from AP classes (if you took calculus, bio, chem, and/or physics) as just helpful supplementary material. It certainly helped me in my classes to look back on my high school notes, which broke the material down into easily understandable chunks.

    A laptop backpack is good. I have one and it basically carries my life in it. It's also good to have a laptop lock so that people don't steal your laptop.

    Binders are unnecessary unless you desire that sort of organization. I just made piles for each class in my dorm room and it was like an orderly sort of chaos.

    If you have lab courses, you may have to get an iClicker (my friend let me borrow hers because she didn't need it that semester, so haha I got away with not buying one) as well as a lab notebook and a MasterLock to secure your lab drawer.
  • AAli4RealAAli4Real Registered User Posts: 374 Member
    Notebook, notebook paper (college ruled), pencils, pens, graphing calculator as well as standard four-function, textbooks (for most classes), binder(s), and pocket folder(s).

    Other things you can find throughout campus such as pencil sharpeners and also by the bus stop near the stadium, there was a container like the ones for the The Daily Texan that had planners for free.
  • dhs911230dhs911230 Registered User Posts: 806 Member
    Free printing? What are those places? How do you find them?
  • classywireclassywire Registered User Posts: 98 Junior Member
    @sasha2014 - I'm also an English major, and I've had to use my iClicker quite a bit! I think you've just been lucky with your professors, since most lecture classes seem to use them for attendance.

    @dhs911230 - I second the suggestion to go as paperless as possible. Some people don't like using computers for taking notes (and some professors don't even allow it), but I personally find it easier, quicker, and generally more efficient. You're going to have a lot of papers as is, so it really does help to organize what you can on your computer. Just make sure to back up everything important! Also, definitely get a laptop case. I cringe every time I see someone in my classes with a super scratched up Macbook. :(
  • 123456B123456B Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    My essentials for class:

    - iPad (Notability is a great note taking app!)
    - Journal/Spiral Notebook (This is usually used for classes that require a lot of math)
    - Folder
    - Pencils/Pens
    - TI-84
    - iStudiez Pro (Another great app for iPhone/iPad, hand written planners don't work for me)

    @classywire‌ is right - GO AS PAPERLESS AS POSSIBLE.

    However, it really depends on the classes you're taking, whether you should bring the book with you, whether you need an iClicker, etc. You'll know after the first week or two of classes what you'll use or won't use. I wouldn't go splurge on school supplies!

    Also, make sure you invest in a good backpack! LOTS of walking will be going on at UT!
  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn Super Moderator Posts: 32,312 Super Moderator
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