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I think I am going to move on from UT Austin

undecided2014undecided2014 Registered User Posts: 399 Member
I applied months ago. I cannot put down the housing deposit unless I am admitted. This is because of financial limitations. I was not aware it should have been put down months ago. I am not sure why my application was put to the side. I am instate, 2100 SAT, excellent recommendations, excellent ECs, 5 honor societies, and am now top 10%. But I was only top 11% when I applied.

I am getting a lot of slack from people over how long it has been. My aunt tells me to forget it, they would have processed it by now. Some of my teachers are saying others have heard who have been accepted so mine must have been tabled because I am not being accepted. I needed financial aid anyway and I have been told there usually is not financial aid. I keep stupidly checking the mystatus page to see if there is anything there. The major I listed isn't even the one I want to do anymore.

it is just time to accept things for what they are.
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Replies to: I think I am going to move on from UT Austin

  • texasborntexasborn Registered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
    don't give up hope yet!! most in-state applicants have not heard anything yet!! admission decisions are set to go out March 1 but in years past they have gone out 7-10 prior to that. hang in there. you are in the same boat as many of us! and remember, this year is was only the top 7% who were auto admits.
  • brighdalakebrighdalake Registered User Posts: 66 Junior Member
    I haven't received any response as well and I also did not know that housing could be submitted before receiving an admissions decision. Texas was one of my top choices before I sent my application in, but now that I've heard back from other schools and received better offers, I am no longer considering Texas. Personally, I think of it as them giving me the cold shoulder, which now I believe I would receive throughout all 4 years being there. I would just be another number, in a massive factory that just pumps out diplomas. I know that it's a massive institution and it takes time, but there is so much bureaucracy and rules, I really lost a lot of respect for them. I'm not angry that I haven't received any word back from them, but I see it as a sign that the school wasn't the choice for me. I hope you well in the future! Good luck! But it's only the end of January! You might still hear back within the upcoming month
  • magpie22magpie22 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    My application is still under review, and I am from out of state, so I dont want to sign up for housing and lose my deposit if I dont get accepted. Are other people in this same situation?
  • texasborntexasborn Registered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
    my application is still under review as well. i went ahead and put down the $60 just to be safe.
  • magpie22magpie22 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    brighdalake- I am in a similar situation. I have recieved admissions and plenty of scholarship money from other great colleges, but I am waiting because Texas has been my number one choice, and I have good grades and decent scores, good EC's and recommendations and good essays. I dont know what the hold-up is.
  • kldat1kldat1 Registered User Posts: 678 Member
    @brighdalak - it's not a cold shoulder. The just do most admissions in late February. Many, many have not received a response. True it does take time to process about 38,000 applications so its understandable that it takes to decide among the thousands of review applicants.

    Good luck at your new school.
  • undecided2014undecided2014 Registered User Posts: 399 Member
    Brighadalake...that is how I feel. I feel like they have rejected me, even though it is not official yet. I admit to feeling like I do not want to spend the next few years being treated this way. When I read that OOS students who applied weeks later than me have heard back, or instate students who also applied weeks after me, same major and lower stats, have heard back, it makes me feel like this is more of a game than real. And this is my LIFE! I do not want to waste a lot of my life on a school that did not value me at all.
  • texasdancertexasdancer Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    This is exactly how I feel!
    I applied on August 27th, and had all my materials in by October 31. I applied to a supposedly "easier" major (EC-6 general, college of Ed.) Still nothing! I check mystatus multiple times a day, but nothing. I'm starting to think I should just accept my unofficial rejection and look to another school.
  • biddybambiddybam Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    undecided, I made an account literally just to respond to this thread, because this is so frustrating.

    I don't really know how to put this in a way that is polite, but you are coming off as a complete cry baby. Several other people in this thread tried to address your concern politely and kindly, pointing out that FOR THE VAST MAJORITY of decisions are not handed out until late February/early March for those not in automatic acceptance. I'm sorry that you feel rejected in that UT doesn't give you special treatment, but in reality there are plenty of people with scores more impressive than yours that are also waiting to hear back, patiently.

    While you think going to UT means you will be "wast[ing] a lot of [your] life on a school that [doesn't] value [you] at all", the reality is that WHEN they accept your application (Which they will undoubtedly do, considering your scores would place you above the mean for non-automatic acceptance admissions), that is prove in itself that they value you; if they didn't value you, they wouldn't accept it in the first place. The fact that you have these delusions in the first place about the "school" as a whole placing value on you, in reality, people don't appreciate you for getting high scores on standardized tests and then deigning a school as being sufficient for your academic level of achievement.

    Its not about having a school treat you special, but its about learning and getting to know your classmates, roommates, teachers, TA's, and making something for yourself at wherever you go. Its about the people you meet and form friendships and connections with that really matter in the long scheme of things.
  • DaBaDeeDaBaDee Registered User Posts: 23 New Member
    Guess what? I haven't even done with the resume. I'm an international transfer applicants for ChemE.
  • Angrybob1011Angrybob1011 Registered User Posts: 123 Junior Member
    UT has repeatedly said that the vast majority of decisions will go out in late February/early March. This was made very clear on their website and on campus visits. I'm sorry that you have waited so long, but almost everyone who has applied has waited just as long as you have.
    Wait until March to officially 'move on' from UT. Be patient. They have not denied you until you get a rejection letter.
  • kldat1kldat1 Registered User Posts: 678 Member
    @undecided2014 - You completed your application on November 10. Some have been waiting since August 1. Over 3 months longer than you. How do you think they feel? I know some and they don't feel shunned by UT. They just understand the process and how UT normally responds to review applicants.

    Your stats are good and I expect you will make it but you never know. I've seen better stats get rejected. Since you have a negative view of UT now it probably is wise to move on to another choice. But do think about how you will feel if you accept an offer from another school and then get accepted to UT.

    Peer pressure is a strong influence depending on you handle it.
  • Longhorn 27Longhorn 27 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Most dorms have a refund clause in the contract that if a student is not accepted then they can receive a refund. Keep in mind there is a difference between a deposit and signing a lease.
  • Longhorn 27Longhorn 27 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Do not give up if UT is where you really what to go!!! I believe you will be accepted. You
    have excellent SAT scores. I feel your pain!! My daughter's friends got their letters of
    acceptance into McCombs school and she was still waiting. Well my daughter got her
    letter this week. None of my daughter's friends who were not top 7 have heard yet. My advice is to have other schools on your list if things don't work out. Everyone I talk
    to says if you are not top 7 you will not hear until February!!! Also if you have changed
    your mind on you major let them know.

    I wish you the best and I hope that things work out for you!!! Good things come to those
    who wait!!
  • brighdalakebrighdalake Registered User Posts: 66 Junior Member
    @biddybam I disagree. I think it is important that you feel comfortable at a school that actually wants you and values your talent.

    I know that Texas has a very complex process of admissions that jumps through multiple legal and bureaucratic barriers. At first I didn't think I would have a problem with their process but now I realize how absurd it is. Making students who are not auto admits, even some auto admits and oos wait until the very end to get notified if they were accepted or not is too long for qualified students who have already had time to receive better options at other schools and actually picture themselves at these other schools.

    I know there are so many applicants to process, but that's just it...you're just a number. I don't feel any individualized attention or value from ut and that is so important in many aspects of college I think. Sure they are an extremely extremely competitive institution with many applicants who are probably more qualified than me, but everyone wants to be wanted, and the earlier you get notified that you're wanted, the better you feel about that place. When you receive that acceptance letter and even that scholarship offer, you feel good and know that you're wanted, which is a great feeling. Some people won't have a problem, Texas is an amazing school with great opportunities. This is just a personal opinion, but I believe you feel the same @undecided2014.
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