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chance a non-auto admit for CS at UT

dreamie2024dreamie2024 1 replies2 threads New Member
Hi! I'm currently a senior at a really competitive high school in north Texas, and I really want to get into UT. However, I am not in the top 6% of my class so I cannot have guaranteed admission. I'll leave my stats below so if anyone can please chance me that'd be so awesome! Please say my chances for both Biochemistry and Computer Science.

SAT: 1530 (won't submit)
ACT: 35 (will submit)
PSAT : 1490 , National Merit Semi-Finalist and hoping to be finalist

GPA: 4.29, school does not send unweighted due to high class rigor
Rank: top 11%. I'm worried about this the most but my school is known for being difficult and competitive so a lower rank might not be as heavy? idk

Took a total of 15 AP classes in high school and so far have scored 4s/5s on all of them.

Essay is solid, 8/10 at least, supplementals good as well.

-Volunteer and intern at THREE diff medical clinics
- Walmart part-time associate
-Speech and debate mentor for 4 years at local community center
-100+ volunteer hrs
- Have 2 patented technologies and placed as a semi-finalist at an international NASA competition
-Second Place in regional Hackathon
-Second place in a computer website competition, published website
-Part of computer club, participated in competition at UTD and placed
-Founder of 2 clubs at my school and officer of 5 clubs throughout high school

MAJOR: Biochem or comp sci
Career path: im tryna do the application of comsci on medical software

Thanks to anyone who replies! Brutal honesty is what I'm looking for :)
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Replies to: chance a non-auto admit for CS at UT

  • coolguy40coolguy40 2342 replies3 threads Senior Member
    Most the slots are filled by auto-admit students. You have a chance of getting in, but no guarantees, because it's a very popular major. Check out Texas A&M also. You're an auto-admit for that school, so your chances are a lot higher for getting in to the major you want. If all else fails, the major is more important than the school you go to. Some great CS programs in Texas are UTD, U of H, UT-Arlington, and Texas Tech.
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