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UT Austin Liberal Arts Chances

laurarwriteslaurarwrites 60 replies19 threads Junior Member
Applied: 07/01/2019
Major: Government (1st choice), Business (2nd choice)
Class Rank: 8/61 (top 13%), I go to a very competitive ECHS
GPA: 4.018/4.5 Weighted; 3.57 Unweighted
Composite 29, Math 26, Science 27, Reading 31, English 33, (February 2019)
Composite 29, Math 24, Science 24, Reading 35, English 32, (July 2019)
Composite 29, Math 27, Science 26, Reading 27, English 35, (September 2019)
Superscore (yes, I know UT doesn't superscore): Composite 31, Math 27, Science 27, Reading 35, English 35
AP: my school doesn't do APs. 61 hours of DC, 3 regular college credits at a pre-college program.
EC: NHS (2 years, officer), PTK (2 years, officer), Theatre Club (2 years, officer), UIL Academics (3 years, 2 awards), my school's Ambassador program (3 years), 100+ hours of community service
Hook: first-generation

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
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Replies to: UT Austin Liberal Arts Chances

  • UniversidadTexasUniversidadTexas 11 replies0 threads New Member
    Sounds like you are a top of the list applicant based on this information. But I’ve been reading on different forums of students with similar curriculums who were still rejected. It appears that essays can make or break an application.
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  • s2078994s2078994 6 replies2 threads New Member
    ^^I was top 8% and had a 33 ACT, but I half-assed the essay and resume. I was denied government but offered CAP (not 2 pity party, just warning you about senioritis). I think you're a good candidate, just make sure you work hard on the soft aspects of your application
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  • laurarwriteslaurarwrites 60 replies19 threads Junior Member
    @s2078994 yeah pretty sure I can't do CAP cause of all my dual credit hours. I already sent in my application completely but I feel pretty confident on my essays. Were you OOS?
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  • s2078994s2078994 6 replies2 threads New Member
    @laurawrites no i was in state, and i'm glad that you feel confident about your essays. best of luck, then!
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