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University of Texas and BHP Decisions yet?

KhakimomKhakimom 1 replies1 threads New Member
Has anyone received a UT Austin or Business Honors Program decision yet?
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Replies to: University of Texas and BHP Decisions yet?

  • GreatRaftGreatRaft 13 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I got my acceptance to McCombs today, but BHP decisions are not out yet (at least for me).
    Because people usually ask for them, my stats are: 35 ACT (33 math), 98.3 gpa, school does not rank but my counselor rec says fighting for salutatorian. ECs: max leadership, good community service, investing experience at TCU HSIC.
    Hope you get a favorable response soon!
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  • tchit87tchit87 113 replies20 threads Junior Member
    I doubt they would be out yet. I haven't even applied yet! (They gave a grace period until Dec 9 for the application). I have submitted my UT Austin application though.

    Are you an OOS applicant? I regret not submitted through the Nov 1 deadline, but I did apply to nine schools then. I am sure that the program is much more selective for OOS, but hopefully not too much lol.

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  • JennibcJennibc 76 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Nope, still not out. Was on campus today and swung by what used to be the McCombs outreach office but is now BHP (they recently switched offices but I didn't know). Ran into the nice young man who did the presentation for BHP last spring when we were there and told him that my son was in McCombs and he was psyched that he'd got an interview but we had not heard whether he was in. He said no acceptances had gone out.
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