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UT-Austin vs Rice

po145po145 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
I can't decide between Rice and UT-Austin( Dean's Scholars program - science ) . Dean's Scholars program gives science major students broad resources, research opportunitiy, small classes, etc but I am not sure whether science program is better at UT or Rice. And undergraduate experiences...

I would appreciate any comments:]
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Replies to: UT-Austin vs Rice

  • oxymoron2007oxymoron2007 Registered User Posts: 36 Junior Member
    I had to make the same decision (UT vs. Rice vs. Columbia), but my decision was easier because I want to study business and UT obviously has better program than the two others. (plus I was accepted to the Bussiness Honors Program). Rice is I very beautiful campus, UT is big, busy, etc.

    I guess I need to ask if you visited either of the schools, and if you did, which one made you feel more welcomed, which one felt like the better fit?
  • po145po145 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    I have visited both schools. I liked both campuses. Each campus had its own unique character. I know that Dean's Scholars Program is a very good science program but I am not sure about undergraduate experience that UT offers. Did you base your decision only on the quality of the programs?
  • txinternationaltxinternational Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    Is there a financial advantage to one or the other? To the best of my knowledge, both programs would be great choices, but if one offered you a better financial aid package or would be significantly less expensive, then that may be something to consider. I think that both programs will open doors for you, but having lots of student loans may close doors because you'll have to worry about large monthly payments rather than what's interesting or best for your career. :)
  • anxiousmomanxiousmom Registered User Posts: 5,729 Senior Member
    My son chose Rice over UT honors engineering. My daughter already attends Rice, so I know the wonderful, well-rounded college experience there. We live in Austin and are UT alums - but after evaluating everything, know that Rice will be a better and more personal education for my son. UT is underfunded and profs are overworked, and too many classes are HUGE! What has impressed us most about Rice, is the close-knit relationships my daughter has formed with profs and students alike,plus the terrific campus resources and opportunities. That's just our experience - but you did ask for input, so I thought I'd share!!! ;)
  • baboonrancherbaboonrancher Registered User Posts: 83 Junior Member
    Sorry if i am hijacking this thread. I am also a Dean's Scholar and can't decide between UT and anoter big name private school . Also a science major. I heard that UT is heavily funded by "oil money" and I met with one of the physics professors, and he said research is pleantiful. The Dean's Scholar tour also showed us a supercomputing center where students can access it for research. But I am not sure how true is that since UT is so huge,as someone else said, that the professors are overworked.

    These are my inputs any additional information will help.
  • lealdragonlealdragon Registered User Posts: 3,204 Member
    There is some discussion about UT vs Rice on several other threads, including this one:

  • bellerevoltebellerevolte Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member
    i guess i could say i've been in your exact position. UT dean's scholars and rice/baylor medicine were my top choices. i knew either one was a long shot (especially r/b), but ut really came through for me. to this date, i still sort of can't believe that i got accepted to dean's scholars (i'll be a freshman next year). every event that i've gone to at UT, i've come away with the feeling that no matter how large the campus is, there really are advisors and professors who actually care about you. i think an integral part of that is being in an honors program like dean's scholars, or being a recipient of a texas scholarship like texas exes or dedman. all of these privileges give you a sort of "precedence" over the rest of the massive undergraduate class, and your advisors will find ways to get you into classes you want to take, even if that class fills up quickly, and research opportunities are abundant as well, through the new natsci freshman research initiative program. also, the current dean's scholars i've talked to have all told me how approachable the program heads are - dr. laude, dr. carter, etc., and my personal experience contacting them through e-mail has also been extremely helpful and positive. to put it best, i would say that dean's scholars is having a rice-like undergrad experience within the larger, more bustling realm of UT.

    oh by the way, i got into rice undergrad for biology, which is a stellar program by any means, but no rice/baylor. ultimately, that, the massive amount of scholarship support i'm getting from UT, and the lack of scholarships from rice helped make my decision a whole lot easier. i can honestly say i'm very excited about dean's scholars next year. best of luck to you in getting in! i hope this has helped you in some way. :)
  • joyfromcaljoyfromcal Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    I am a parent and my daughter got admissions from both UT (FRI) and Rice. It looks like from most of the postings that as if cost is not a criteria as no one mentioned about cost as a selection criteria. For me, i am really fighting myself whether my daughter should come out of collage with an undergraduate degree and 120K loan. It will take her 10 years to repay if she started paying after undergraduate degree and 1500/month. That is more than a mortgage. Those who want to go further with their education, undergraduate is just a stepping stone and is it advisable to spend that much money?
  • MidwestMom2Kids_MidwestMom2Kids_ Registered User Posts: 6,673 Senior Member
    Joy - There are a lot of posts on this topic over in the Parents Forum - come on over!
  • PDadhichPDadhich Registered User Posts: 104 Junior Member
    UT should be the hands down choice. I am from Houston and have had experience with Rice. A few of my friends go to Rice and a few to UT, the consensus is that Rice has great education but is high stress(high suicide rate) environment and a quote from one of my friends who goes there "has a bunch of freaks". The ones that go to UT love it, great education, laid back, and there is a lot more to do in austin than houston. UT is the best college in Texas.
  • cpq1xtbucpq1xtbu Registered User Posts: 765 Member
    PDADhich-- do you have any sources to quote for your mention of the high stress and high suicide rate?
  • TXArtemisTXArtemis Registered User Posts: 1,055 Senior Member
    OP, "science program" is vague. I'm sure you are comparing apples-to-apples the specific degree plan or at least field of science you think you'll be pursuing--that will help you focus your analysis. You say you've visited, but have you attended jr/sr level classes within your chosen science field at each (including a Dean's Scholars class at UT)? Have you done overnights at each to get an idea of the student experience? Those are really critical activities, and it is not too late to get them scheduled (assuming you live in Texas and/or can make a final trip without too much financial/time hardship). It also sounds like you'd benefit from posing specific questions to an academic advisor for Dean's Scholars-science and Rice-science to see if their responses are helpful to your decision-making process. And is it possible for your GC to help you identify recent alum from your HS who've attended each program, or at least each school?

    Maybe you've already undertaken the above or similar investigations and are simply being vague to get a reaction from the CC community. There's a lot of homework involved when it comes down to deciding between two schools!

    PDadhich, your comment about suicide is totally irresponsible; the balance of your comments similarly lack credibility. Everything you related as authoritative is based on layers of hearsay opinion shared among a group of friends.
  • Dorian_ModeDorian_Mode Registered User Posts: 1,444 Senior Member
    @cpq1xtbu: No, I can assure you he doesn't. Things can get pretty stressful here at Rice (I'm currently at the end of a very late night heading into finals), but the students are very happy. The environment here has pushed me and let me feel comfortable tackling I doubt I could have done before, both socially and academically. As for suicide rate? I've never heard of a single instance, even in campus lore.
  • bustofPallasbustofPallas Registered User Posts: 137 Junior Member
    I've been agonizing over this decision for the past month, with many of the same thoughts - just a different major. At UT, I would double major in Plan-II and BHP whereas at Rice I honestly I have no idea what I would study - possibly a economics/history/psychology haha basically whatever I feel like by the time I get there.

    For me, the scholarship situation is reverse - Rice gave me basically 50% off total COA where all I get from UT is national merit money. Even though UT is eventually cheaper, the margin is fairly small.

    As of right now, I'm leaning towards Rice, mostly because I realized Austin was a big factor of choosing UT, and the city will be there whether or not I attend UT whereas Rice's distinct community is part of that undergraduate experience. My only worry is that I'm closing the door to opportunities that a great business program at UT would bring, though I'm not completely sure I want a career path in business.

    Sorry for writing such a self-centered post! It's just really nice to share with people struggling with a very similar decision.
  • thelonerangertheloneranger Registered User Posts: 1,624 Senior Member
    UT's honors departments offer a vastly different experience from the standard UT student--as a general rule you get the very best professors the university has to offer (Plan II Honors Students, for instance, can take classes taught by multiple Deans of the university as well as a Nobel Laureate), and much smaller classes. The university has tons of money and research opportunities, and looks great on a resume. Rice will offer a similar experience to honors at UT, but you won't be in a special program and won't get special attention. You also, however, will be in a much smaller school and a much closer environment. It's said that Rice is very quirky (weird) and if this appeals to you than Rice may be more for you--I don't know anyone at Rice who doesn't like it though. UT is quirky in its own way but is much more diverse than Rice in terms of campus culture--you can have fratboys and foreign exchange students and goth kids and hippies all in the same groups in classes, which I don't think you get as much of at Rice.

    Rice offers much better financial aid, but UT has a MUCH lower sticker price to begin with.

    Rice is in a very nice area of Houston, and has a great campus environment and culture, but in the long run, it's still in Houston. That really disuaded me from applying there. At UT, you are right in the heart of Austin, one of the most vibrant cities in the country.

    Either way you will be fine--good luck making the choice!
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