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Transfer studetns for Fall 2011?

TorshiTorshi 11 replies2 threads New Member
who else is and what is your intended major?

Transferring from Richland to UTD for neuroscience
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Replies to: Transfer studetns for Fall 2011?

  • SpunOneSpunOne 42 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I would like to transfer but have not decided where to go yet. Still waiting on some acceptances before I complete my app. Very interested in this school, but concerned about the availability of some classes for EE. Oh btw ... sorry I guess this thread is for neuroscience... but still considering a transfer out to UTD from SoCal.
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  • TorshiTorshi 11 replies2 threads New Member
    Oh nice, sounds good, yea I'll be able to commute so it'll work out good.

    And no i was just giving my intended major if i transfer there.
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  • SpunOneSpunOne 42 replies7 threads Junior Member
    The forums do not seem as active for UTD as for a lot of other schools. I keep hoping that someone from UTD majoring in EE will get on the forum and give some info about the school/program. Are there ANY readers out there that know about UTD programs for EE? It is getting down to the wire -I hate to say that UTD is a safety, but in a sense many people accept the CAP program here as well as UTSA -not sure how many actually transfer after meeting their requirement, but I am considering going here in spite of acceptance to UT outright. I am interested in a great academic school as opposed to the "college experience". The commute if going to UT is what concerns me -I would have to live far from the school as opposed to going to and fro, school to home, as I wish for lunch or a nap or just a break b/t classes. i would have to live far because of the shear amount of my stuff! Tools and toys like motorcycles and my RV. I know there is always the option of storage and staying in a condo or apt. but I really enjoy the comfort of living in a single family home.
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  • 012983012983 102 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Are you looking for someone who's nearing completion of their EE degree or someone who's just starting out? I fall into the latter category...
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