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Student Banking Advice


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  • jc40jc40 1546 replies76 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,622 Senior Member
    shoe...BoA told us when she applied it may be rejected, and if so, she would need us to co-sign; however, they approved her on her own because, according to them, she had:

    A) A job (summer)
    B) Earning potential -- degree from prominent university

    We were surprised they approved her, but it's worked out well. She charges everything except rent and electricity, and we pay it off in full each month...it's a win-win for her (building credit and accruing points); for us, OTOH, I'm not so sure! :confused:
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  • shoebox10shoebox10 3394 replies165 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,559 Senior Member
    grp: that was a general observation of other folks my age. I have a very healthy nest egg that I'm planning on using for a down-payment here soon, but so many of my friends (and roommates) are living paycheck to paycheck it seems with very little, if anything, in savings. The same people see credit cards as evil (or they will become) because you can easily rack up some serious debt that's difficult to get out of. I've managed my cards wisely and have gotten some great rewards back, including a nice credit score :)
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  • appzillaappzilla 81 replies26 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 107 Junior Member
    I thought I'd close the loop on my original post and say I have decided to open an account at my small home town bank so I can make depositing easy over the summer. The account is totally free and has no min. balance (because my parents bank there) and they are part of the same network as the UVA credit union, so ATMs are free. The ATM in Alderman Library will also allow me to deposit. There are several ATMs for the credit union around grounds. I may also open a small UVA Credit Union account if I really need one. It looks like they have a debit card with rewards from local businesses. Thanks for all the help!
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  • CharlieschCharliesch 2044 replies70 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2,114 Senior Member
    My son is 4th year, and kept his hometown bank account, and it worked out fine for him. He mainly paid for discretionary items with his debit card, and for necessities with a family credit card. My wife was able to easily deposit checks into his account while he was away at college..
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