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Northern v. Southern VA...


Replies to: Northern v. Southern VA...

  • shaddixshaddix Registered User Posts: 2,256 Senior Member
    It's okay anonymous...though I don't know why some people in Northern VA would think they are any better than people in Southern VA. They are still in VA. People from other states could look down on Virginians and just as easily say that all Virginians are rednecks and incestuous...lol.
  • SoccerGrl010SoccerGrl010 Registered User Posts: 218 Junior Member
    NoVa sends more kids to UVA b/c NoVa is more populated. The kids that get in from NoVa are smart. It is harder to get in from NoVa b/c there are so many kids applying. NoVa is like one giant city compared to a lot of other "cities".

    Yes, TJ sends a "gross" number of kids to UVA. About 1/4 of the class end up there and almost everyone that applies gets in. These kids are coming from all over Northern Virginia though and just all end up in the same place. The few kids that were deferred there ED would have probably 100% been in at any other FCPS school b/c their GPAs would have been higher. These kids are extremely involved but didn't meet the ~3.6ish GPA cut off for UVA ED at TJ.

    And yes, there are many things about TJ that are not public school in nature but there are also many things that are very public school about it. Ex: Roof leaks onto donated supercomputer and destroys it. A lot of TJ people wish it wasn't a public school so it could escape county rules too : )
  • michaelburtmichaelburt Registered User Posts: 571 Member
    Does anyone on here go to TJ? Is it true that just about every single kid is white? And to the poster who said NOVA schools have a 6 point grade scale, I don't think every single school system in NOVA has a 6 point scale, although I may be wrong. My system has a 6 point scale and all anyone ever does is btch about it. It would be very wrong to make TJ a private school, taking it away from the taxpayers who paid for it.
  • shaddixshaddix Registered User Posts: 2,256 Senior Member
    I also have a 6 point system as well and my school does not hand out As.
  • SoccerGrl010SoccerGrl010 Registered User Posts: 218 Junior Member
    Yes, I go to TJ. It is not true that every kid is white. We have a TON of Asians. Yes, we are lacking in hispanics and African Americans but TJ is extremely diverse in ways other than color, including many first generation Americans. I know a lot of kids that came over when they were in middle school, learn the language, and score 800s in the verbal section of the SATs. We have a lot of biracial kids too. I've never seen so many wasians under one roof. It's crazy. And they're all ridiculously good looking. Anyways....

    I think the city of Arlington has a 10 point grading scale. That's the only one I know of.

    I'm not saying make TJ a private school. No way would FCPS let it go. They are fighting to keep it from joining campuses w/ GMU to avoid losing it's grasp on it. FCPS gets way too much publicity and attention for TJ for them to ever even consider letting it turn private.
  • tenniscrazetenniscraze - Posts: 1,397 Senior Member
    TJ is like the genius high school.... They send a third of their graduating class to UVA.
  • soccerguy315soccerguy315 Registered User Posts: 7,245 Senior Member
    you have to understand that all the kids who go to TJ would still be getting into UVA from their home high schools if TJ didn't exist.

    "most of the big cities" are in southern va because "nova" is not a city. If you want to compare, take a look at this, it's the map for telephone area codes. "Nova" has 2 area codes, and look at the size of it compared to the rest of the area codes. http://www.whitepages.com/5050/maps/VA

    ... and my school in Northern VA had a 4 point grading scale, with +.5 being given to IB classes, and no bonus at all for honors (preIB) classes. Highest GPA was a 4.23 or something, just under a 4.25 in my graduating class of ~350, with 12 (or 13 maybe) kids with a 4.0+.
  • shaddixshaddix Registered User Posts: 2,256 Senior Member
    My school's IB program is somewhat diverse...very few blacks and hispanics, more asians, some first generation kids including myself, some biracials, some from other countries...

    My school has 6 point grading scale, only .0244 given for As in IB/AP/Honors classes, no bonus for Pre-IB. Class 0f 487; no idea how many would have 4.0+.

    Still, I think there are relatively good school systems outside of NoVa...as for deciding who is smart or what constitutes smartness that is another topic for discussion.
  • fivrefivre Registered User Posts: 78 Junior Member
    Is it just the SoVa counties that are bad? Lynchburg doesn't seem horrible; we have the standard 100-94, 93-86, etc. grading scale and what seems a healthy degree of competition. We probably don't have as many APs and no IB, but I think excluding AP CompSci, AP MacroEcon, and the other non-core APs is more due to lack of interest.

    That said, the counties are pretty bad, if the people at WalMart are any indication.

    Shame the city wants to put us in uniforms though. Blasted idiots on the _appointed_ school board...
  • shaddixshaddix Registered User Posts: 2,256 Senior Member
    Why are the SoVa counties/cities bad? They may not be the best...but to call it bad?

    What I listed above about my school was for Va Beach.
  • SoccerGrl010SoccerGrl010 Registered User Posts: 218 Junior Member
    I don't think anyone can really say one school is better than another just based on how the grading scale is done. It's more about the level of difficulty being taught in the schools. If things are taught on a lower level, it doesn't really matter if a 90 is an A or a 94. Unless anyone on here has been to more than one school, they can't really say their school is better than another. I guess the best way to see a comparison of each school would be to look at articles about different areas or SOL performance or something like that.
  • anonymous06anonymous06 Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    Northern Virginia is not more populous, it is just more densely populated. Fairfax has a million people, and the entire Northern Virginia combined in 1.9million, that is about 1/4 of the state population. Not to mention that many people tend to excluse Stafford, Western Loudon and Prince William from Northern Virginia, so the actual number might be even lower. It is just a lof people in a smaller area...

    Wiki has a good article... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Virginia

    and FCPS is based on a 4.0 scale, and they are the main feeder district, so yeah most schools can be said to be 4.0...
    Also, most people from TJ who go to UVA are those who didn't get in else where. VERY FEW people at TJ actually want UVA as their first choice. Almost everyone seems to be aspiring for ivies etc, and dread UVA as rest of Northern Virginia dread Nova (NVCC)

    and, ANY school in Northern VA is diverse compared to rest of the state...even Langley (notoriously white)!!! And TJ definitely has A LOT of Asians (including South Asians...i.e. Indians, Pakistanis etc)...

    Okay, so I just took the pain to get the official data...


    TJ: Whites: 57%, Asian 33%
    Langley: Whites: 75% Asian: 17%

    Langley is as white as you can get in Northern Virginia, and I am sure a school that had 17% Asians in the rest of state would be "extremely diverse."

    And someone mentioned Walmart to gauge the county, that is a huge cultural difference right there. There is no Walmart inside the Beltway, and very few outside the beltway too. I am sure there aren't many Lacoste, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister stores, Cheasecake Factory, Legal Seafoods or P.F. Chang's restaurants, Prosches, Lexus, Mercedez or BMW dealers or even traffic-clogged highways in rest of the state. The main point is that the culture in Norther VA is completely different...it is more suburban Washington, DC than northern part of Virginia.
  • michaelburtmichaelburt Registered User Posts: 571 Member
    It is just more wealthy. I can't believe that there are more people in NoVa than in Southern VA. That can't be true.
  • SoccerGrl010SoccerGrl010 Registered User Posts: 218 Junior Member
    Michael- There are a ton of people in a very small area. The total # in NoVa is not more than the total everywhere else in the state - it is just MUCH more populated.

    And Anonymous - It is definitely not true that the people that go to UVA from TJ go there because they didn't get in anywhere else. A TON of kids apply there ED every year. A lot of people that get in to other fine elite private schools also decide to go there because of the price. Others that apply RD just go because it's their top choice but their parents wouldn't let them apply there ED. Over 1/4 of the senior class goes there by choice - not because it is their only option. About 2/3 of the senior class applies there and almost everyone gets in. The people that don't go to UVA are the ones that did not prefer it. Yes, a lot of people have Ivy League aspirations. Yes, a lot of people apply to UVA as their "safety school". The fact is though that HYP seem to have a cap of about 15 each for TJ so a lot don't get in. Everyone at TJ competes against eachother for those spots. That doesn't mean though that there aren't a lot of people who do not have Ivy League dreams and who are not perfectly happy with UVA. Trust me - anyone at UVA wants to be there. The people who dread going to UVA don't apply to UVA. 1/4 of the senior class doesn't go there b/c they can't get in anywhere else. The large majority of TJ kids have their choice of a lot of fabulous schools. The middle class kind of gets screwed with financial aid at a lot of private schools though so in state tuition is very appealing. Maybe the people you know feel that way but as a student at TJ, I can assure you that that is not the case at all.
  • sv3asv3a Registered User Posts: 751 Member
    "A lot of TJ people wish it wasn't a public school so it could escape county rules too : )"

    Wait, so do you have to pay to attend TJ or are those people just rich that they wouldn't care?
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