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UVA Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

Party101Party101 12 replies4 threads Junior Member
Hey guys! I know this might be very early but I wanted to start on my application so as possible so I can get some advice before applying.

I will be applying as a rising second year from a community college in Georgia. Here are my stats! Going for Majoring in Finance and a possible minor in Computer Science or Econ.
If you were previously admitted I would love for you to change me!

Applying for: Major: Finance and Possible Minors in CS or Econ.
-GPA: Currently by the end of the year I should have a 3.85-4.0 GPA.
-Credits: 32+
-With Honors GPA
-Dean's list x2 semesters
-1-2 letter of recommendation- Thinking if I should include two recommendations: One from ENGL and one from MATH
- I will be transferring over to another community college in Georgia because the courses for spring 2019 at my community college does have what I need to transfer over to top schools.

-Planning to start (President of Finance Club)
-Planning to get into the Tennis and Badminton Team
-FBLA Treasurer HS
- HS: Clubs: Investment Club, FBLA, and TSA.
-Won about 4 FBLA events(One Nationals, Two State level, and Two Regional.)
-Volunteer & Fundraising/Charity
-Many EDX courses on Economics to Finance courses. Took many as I can. Here are three I took (Calculus Applied from Harvard University, Marketing Measurement Strategy from the University of Michigan, and Financial Decision Making from the University of Marland. I didn't get a certification for any course but I can show a screenshot or provide account details to see that I have completed the courses.

Essay: Very Strong

Not providing my HS stats and ACT/SAT scores.

I am also applying to Georgia Tech, Vandy, Cornell, and the University of Chicago. If anyone can chance me there also it would be great. That's it. I hope we all get into the programs we desire! Also, I didn't see the Business school in Common App, if anyone can help with that would be great. If I have an answer I will comment back. Thanks, Alex.

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Replies to: UVA Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

  • machlanmachlan 16 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Hey! I am also applying for Fall 2019! I'm glad that I am not the only person who is preparing already, ha!
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  • Party101Party101 12 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Haha nice, keep posting stat !!!! @machlan
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  • msportmsport 500 replies25 threads Member
    edited December 2018

    If you're a rising 2nd year, you cannot apply to McIntire; you'll be applying as Pre-Commerce. I'm not sure if that's on the CommonApp this time around or not (I transferred here last year for Fall 2018 entry).

    If you can keep up the GPA + get the actual EC's rolling I don't see why you wouldn't be a fit for Comm. Do you have any relevant work experience in Finance? That isn't necessary by any means, but can be a game changer if you have something unique to talk about.

    FYI; It looks like you want to break into high finance, do you have an idea of what you want to do? There are a lot of other schools that you might want to prioritize transferring into that have better placements than some of the schools you have listed. EX: NYU, Georgetown, Duke, Columbia, etc. are all target schools for finance jobs that place better than some of the schools you've listed (vandy, cornell (non-AEM)).

    UVA is a great choice. 100% target school that is similar (if not better) to Georgetown and Duke in placement; regardless of whether you're in the business school or not (here, it doesn't matter as recruiting is not exclusive to the B School)
    edited December 2018
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  • FrostJDGFrostJDG 11 replies0 threads New Member
    Hey I am currently a sophomore at W&M. I transferred into W&M this spring and I am not feeling like it fits me. I did not get into UVA when I applied in the fall of 2018 for spring 2019 admission but they told me I could resubmit my application for Fall 2019. My question is because I switched to a new school, would that affect my chances because now my reasons for transferring to UVA are now different (different reasons leaving the new school I just got to according to my essay). My grades for freshman year and my fall sophomore semester come out to a cumulative 3.56. I believe with my spring semester I can bring my GPA to a 3.63. I took all IB courses in High School and maintained a 3.8+ GPA in high school. SAT is 1360. What do you guys think about my chances of getting in? (Also live in NOVA )
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  • IzzoOneIzzoOne 476 replies0 threads Member
    @FrostJDG how long have you been at W&M? Is it weeks? It might look at bit odd to them if you are trying to leave a school if you just arrived there, but your grades look pretty good. If you can have a good semester at W&M it would obviously help.
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  • FrostJDGFrostJDG 11 replies0 threads New Member
    @IzzoOne I really wanted to go to UVA but was accepted into W&M. My thought process was that I could strengthen my chances in getting in if I get good grades at an equally strong school.
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  • alaskanlegend123alaskanlegend123 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hey guys, also a UVA hopeful! I visited the campus last summer and LOVED it! I will also be applying to transfer to Boston University. Applying to CAS at UVA.

    My stats:
    HS: GPA 3.925 weighted, 3.77 unweighted. Was in the top 30% ish of my graduating class.
    Sat/Act: Terrible, will not be submitting them, though they are visible on my HS transcript. If this is a deciding factor, will retake them this summer and apply again for fall transfer 2020.
    3x wrestling state qualifier
    Scholastic State Chess Champion
    Worked as a page 2018 legislative session.

    Out of state. Private liberal arts college.
    GPA: 3.857 (21 credits, currently enrolled in 16)
    Deans list (hopefully again by the end of next sem.)
    Involved in boxing club
    Worked with an NGO in Africa last summer
    Legislative intern in the current session, working 8-10 hours a week
    Relatively low income.
    White male (probably not really relevant but ya never know:)

    Haven't written it yet, though I will do my best to make it good!

    Any thoughts? I'm sort of worried about my test scores, I hope they don't consider them...

    Good luck to everyone! Will be submitting my app in a few weeks.

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  • FrostJDGFrostJDG 11 replies0 threads New Member
    @alaskanlegend123 Are you currently a second semester freshman? Test scores are not an insane deciding factor when colleges look at your application, although I do know that they will look into them a little more when you are a freshman because there is not a lot of credits to determine the strength of your college GPA. Nonetheless you seem like a well rounded candidate to get accepted! Hope you get in !
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  • alaskanlegend123alaskanlegend123 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    edited January 2019
    @FrostJDG Yeah, I'm a second-semester freshman. I will have 40 credits after the end of the spring semester. I am hoping that the worst scenario for me is being waitlisted until final grades are in, rather than being immediately rejected. Good luck to you as well! I have seen a few people who got accepted with like a 3.1 so I am hoping I get lucky!
    edited January 2019
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  • JSTECK22JSTECK22 16 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited January 2019
    Hey guys. Was hoping to get chanced (by %) of the odds of my acceptance to UVA. I plan to major in Media Studies in CAS.

    Here are my stats:
    White dude
    College: JMU
    College GPA: 3.8 (first semester)
    *All class credits should transfer and i'm on track to meet all requirements
    High School GPA: 4.15 wighted (out of 5)
    High School Class Rank: 55/344 (top 16%)
    SAT score: 1290

    My EC's:
    Beta Club
    Latin Club
    National Latin Honor Society

    In my essay's I hope to talk about my career goals, and how that relates to a minor that UVa offers and my current school doesn't (along with other reasons for my transfer). I also plan to talk about how I would get involved in campus (joining a fraternity and writing for the student newspaper).

    Anyways just looking for a % chance. Thanks for the read.
    edited January 2019
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  • alaskanlegend123alaskanlegend123 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Anyone else having a difficult time figuring out if you'll meet the transfer requirements? There's a lot of differences between the courses offered at my current institution, and I have no idea if a class like Political Science 260 (comparative politics) will transfer as a gov class or whatever. Also, does anyone know if Anatomy and physiology are considered a natural science? Thanks.
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  • JSTECK22JSTECK22 16 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @alaskanlegend123 Hope this can help. http://ascs8.eservices.virginia.edu/asEquivs

    Might not have your college tho
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  • alaskanlegend123alaskanlegend123 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @JSTECK22 If you are missing like, a handful of credits, would this preclude you from acceptance?
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  • transfer1212transfer1212 33 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Highschool: 3.6 unweighted. Sat: 1980 and 1380 Act: 29.. Boatload extracurricular: started club and raised over 6,000 in first year for veterans, 4 year varsity athlete, key club transurer, a bunch more that show leadership and community service. However, grades were not top priority due to basketball and my goal to play in college.

    College: UNCW
    3.89 GPA
    Over 60 credits
    In a good amount of clubs and have done habitat for humanity and have leader Roles in some clubs.
    Deans list should be every semester.
    I am pretty involved, but I only applied to one college out of high school and it was a reach, but that is a long story and stuff went bad. However, in college I performed pretty incredibly and still am involved. I know UNCW is not known as a great academic school. I was just wondering if someone’s could weigh in on my chances. My sister is also performing very very well in the law school at UVA.
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  • vegastransfervegastransfer 271 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Hello everyone. I am applying as an out of state junior transfer from Nevada. Submitted my application a few days ago, so I figured that I would post my stats here. I am a GED recipient and have never taken the SAT, so I will leave my high school information out.

    College: College of Southern Nevada
    Major: Political Science - Foreign Affairs
    GPA: 3.92
    Credits: 48 completed, 13 in progress. Will graduate with my associates in May.
    ECs: Senator in the student government (I chair a committee, vice chair another committee, am the Director of Legislative Affairs, and am the student representative on a number of administrative committees). I have extensive work experience on political campaigns throughout the 2016 and 2018 elections. I also am a central committee member for the Clark County Dems and the NV Dems.
    Bonus: First generation, gay, latino, and overcame homelessness.
    Other schools applying to: Cornell, USC, Claremont McKenna College, Occidental College, ASU, 4 UC schools (Berkeley, UCLA, Davis, and Merced), and UNLV.

    I am pretty excited to see how this goes! :D I worked hard on the application and UVA's foreign affairs program offers so many fantastic opportunities. It also helps that UVA is generous with their financial aid to OOS students. Good luck everyone!!
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  • Vageta17Vageta17 27 replies16 threads Junior Member
    Serious Question...

    Do people from U Richmond, W&M or even VT have an edge in-state if they apply in the same pool as VCCS? People normally say that the rigor is higher across the board in places such as that and it may be more difficult to get an A. Would someone from there likely be able to get by with a lower GPA compared to VCCS and still be viewed favorably?
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  • gohoooosssgohoooosss 20 replies0 threads Junior Member
    hey guys
    I've been wanting to attend UVA for my whole life (my dad's a grad student alum and my sister currently attends there) but sadly did not get in for fall 2018. :( so I just recently submitted my transfer application for fall 2019 but I'm super nervous and wondering what you all think my chances are!

    applying to the college of arts and sciences as pre-commerce
    high school GPA: 4.26
    SAT score: 1370
    I'm currently at James Madison University
    I'm from Virginia
    for my first semester I got a 3.94 (I only got 1 A-), and I'm currently on track for all A's this semester as well.
    I took 15 credits first semester and am currently taking 15 now.
    I had two AP's transfer for credit (I got a 4 and a 5 for the scores so I believe they could transfer to UVA as well).
    I also completed a college course at UVA (during the summer session) the summer before my senior year and earned credit for it at my current university! so with my AP's and the UVA course I have an extra 9 credits, so I'll finish this semester with 39 credits.

    I was involved in many clubs in high school as well as a varsity sport
    completed an internship that's related to my intended major
    had a job for 3 years

    Good luck to the rest of you all as well!!!!
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  • Rjlake33Rjlake33 65 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited February 2019
    I guess I'll post my stats here as a way for other people in a similar situation to refer to years later.

    I'm applying to the college of arts and sciences as a first-year transfer
    High School GPA: 4.01 Weighted with a strong upward trend (4.8 Senior Year)
    SAT:1220 (bad I know!)
    I am currently at Virginia Tech in-state
    I came in with 18 credits from AP and Dual Enrollment Classes

    First semester grades(16 Credits): 3.39
    CS Python - A
    Sociology - A
    Astronomy - A-
    Business Foundations - A-
    Calculus - C (Missed the first online worth 20% of the grade exam due to deadline misunderstandings after the add-drop period)

    EC's & Awards:
    Accepted to the Statewide Governor's School for Humanities (only accepts 200)
    Skills USA Regional Vice President
    Founded The Technical Honor society at my HS
    State Champion of Skills USA Current Events
    State Champion of Skills USA Network Engineering
    State Finalist for FBLA Global Business
    Worked as a Jr. Network Engineer at an IT firm through my senior year of HS & Still do
    Commendations of Distinction from District Superintendent
    + a little more memberships

    I just hope my calc screw up doesn't ruin my chances along with my GPA.
    What do you guys think my chances are?

    edited February 2019
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  • alaskanlegend123alaskanlegend123 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Well, everyone, I wish you luck! Submitting my application tonight! I hope we all get in!
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  • cellogirl1013cellogirl1013 2 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi everyone, just wanna throw my stats out here to get some opinion

    I'm applying to CAS as a 3rd year psych major concentrating in clinical psych
    Not providing high school info and ACT/SAT since I moved to the U.S. in junior year and my high school stats was PRETTY BAD
    Currently a third year at George Mason in-state
    (I really want to go to UVA so I'm trying again... got waitlisted then denied for fall 2018)
    I will have 82 credits by the end of this spring semester (I'm aware that UVA only admits 60)

    My overall gpa is 3.69 and Psych gpa is 4.0 (pretty confident that I can earn a 4.0 this semester as well)
    Top 30% in my class
    I went to nova for freshman and sophomore year and graduated with a 3.3
    (majored in something I didn't like at all and was obviously not good at it)

    Bilingual in Chinese and English
    Dean's list x2
    Honorary member of Psi Chi the International Honor Society of Psychology
    Taiwanese Student Association
    International club (2 years)
    School literature Magazine photographer (2 years)
    High School Varsity Crew Team
    Concert Master for high school orchestra (2 years)
    Have a part time job that goes well with my major (3 years)
    Social work experiences (tutoring, church volunteer, camp counselor, animal rescue team...) (4-5 years)

    Pretty decent essay but only okay recommendation
    What do you think my chances are guys? It's already my 2nd try and I feel so old here haha

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