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What are my chances for admission at UVA?

StressedNovaKidStressedNovaKid 2 replies3 postsRegistered User New Member
I think UVA is my first choice school, but I have pretty much no clue whether I actually have a shot. I've read so many blogs and forums and listened to sooo many stories, at this point I have no idea if I have done enough!! Knowledgable college folk, please let me know your thoughts/predictions!

My stats:
Residency: In-state, Northern VA (in a competitive public high school)
ACT: 34
GPA: 4.3 (weighted)
AP's: 9 in total throughout all four years of high school (World History, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, English Language, Biology (5's on all of these exams), Calculus BC, Spanish Language, Government, Studio Art (my current AP's))
EC's: 3 honor societies (including NHS), math team, 2 service organizations. I am president of 2 of these EC's as well.

I also believe my common app essay and recommendations are strong. I have a few assorted honors in STEM as well as the humanities & I am multilingual.

However, my supplemental essays (for the college of humanities and sciences & the general UVA prompt) were not my best. I was working right up to the EA deadline and one felt pretentious and overworked while the other was rushed and didn't feel very well developed. I can be overcritical of my work and I defffff do a lot of overthinking, but I am worried I kind of "blew it" by not investing more time into the supplemental writings.

All this in mind, how likely is it that I will be admitted in January?

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Replies to: What are my chances for admission at UVA?

  • Scholar2023Scholar2023 67 replies7 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    While I'm not an admissions officer, no one else here is either.

    You are in-state. You have strong ACT, and a solid GPA. The 75% ACT score from Common Data Set for 2017-2018 was a 33. You are above it with a 34. The average GPA was a 4.27 -- you have a 4.3.

    Your rigor is there with 9 APs - all with 5's so far. You have ECs with leadership plus a few honor societies.

    It's easy to second guess essays after the fact.

    Don't stress on it - you are a strong candidate.

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  • coolguy40coolguy40 1974 replies2 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    I'm not an admissions officer, but I do know that they look at unweighted GPA first. It's a tough school to get into. If the unweighted is at or below 3.7, your chances are reduced significantly. All you can do is throw the kitchen sink at them and see what happens. Make sure you have a variety of schools on your list.
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