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what are my chances for UVA?

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I'm a sophomore right now, so I realize that this might be way too early, but I have some EC concerns that would be best addressed ASAP. I'll do my best to answer with reasonable guesses.

SAT: haven't taken it yet but I'm hoping for/expecting a score above 1500
SAT II: I'll probably take Math 1, Biology, Lit, and French
ACT: not sure if I'll take it

GPA: all As currently, so 4.0+ (I don't expect it to drop significantly)
AP: Euro (this year, haven't taken exam yet). If all goes to plan, I'll have 9 total by the time I graduate (US History, Psych, Lang, Lit, French, Calc BC, Bio, and Gov).
Senior Courseload: Lit, French, Calc, Bio, Gov, and Spanish III

Awards: 2x regional gold key winner in 2018 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, hopefully AP scholar w/ distinction. I'll be taking the National French Contest soon, and I'll probably get a gold/silver award for that.


This is the main reason I'm writing this thread, honestly, as I feel like my extracurriculars are extremely lacking. I'd like to display my passion for French (and partially soccer and medicine) but it's been a struggle finding ways to show this.

- French Honor Society, 3 years (just joined this year, I'll try to get a leadership position next year)
- 2 week summer French immersion program in Montreal (don't know if this really counts)
- the big thing: VA Governor's Academy for French. I'll do this either this summer or the summer after (there's a very high chance I'll get in). I've heard that VA colleges really love this, and I'm looking forward to it!

- 2 years of travel soccer in high school (so far, I'll play next year if possible)
- I'll be trying out for the school team in the spring. (I won't be continuing into college, as I'm no Ronaldo, but this is a relatively big commitment in my life that I love to do).
- I just got my referee certification and will probably work as a ref throughout the rest of high school

- weekly volunteer at a therapeutic horseback riding barn for kids with disabilities
- editor of the bimonthly newsletter for FISH, a volunteer group in Williamsburg that donates food/clothes to the community (in 2017 they provided 165,000 meals!)-- started this year, 3 years by the time I finish high school

I'm extremely interested in going to med school, so I'd like to start volunteering at a local hospital once I turn 16. Other than that, I don't know what to do-- I'd like to apply to some sort of research/internship opportunity, maybe? I'm fascinated by medicine/anatomy/biology, and I'd love to explore that more, but I don't know where to start.

So, summers. Long story short, I stay at a place that means the world to me (my family has been going since the 80s, I've been going since I was born). I'm willing to sacrifice this for a year in order to do the Governor's Academy, but that's definitely been a hard decision to make. I'm generally gone for 3-5 weeks during the summer, so that rules out any really long programs.

Letters of Rec: lol idk yet

Gender: female
Race: white
State: Virginia (northern Virginia-- I've head bad things about applying from here)

Also, both of my parents went to UVA.

Intended Major: not really important now but I'm interested in neuroscience or psych

While I think I'm a strong student, I won't be getting perfect scores on the SAT/ACT or anything like that, so I'd like my ECs to be as strong as possible. I have a lot of passion for the things I've mentioned, so I really want to demonstrate that and continue to learn/explore, but I'm struggling with ideas.

Any advice/tips/feedback would be much appreciated!! Thank you.
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