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Will I get in!!!

AlyB22AlyB22 3 replies3 postsRegistered User New Member
I know no one can quite predict whether you get into a school or not due to the diverse applicant pool every year, but I'm wondering if I'm in over my head or not. I live in Maryland (ES) and I submitted my application to UVA EA. My junior year consisted of AP Calc AB, AP Physics I, AP World History, AP English Language, Spanish 4, Latin 1, and Photography. This year I'm taking AP Calc BC, AP Literature, AP Psychology, Latin 2, and two classes at a local university: Spanish and Chemistry. My GPA is a 4.4 weighted and 3.9 unweighted, but my test scores are horrendous in comparison to the average online (690 in math, 630 reading/writing). I'm taking the SAT again in December for one last shot. I feel really guilty for not preparing myself well enough for the SAT and increasing my scores a long while ago. Am I in over my head? I've dreamed of going to UVA since I was very young because my father, grandfather, grandma, uncle, etc. went there. I know certainly that it may be a blessing in a disguise if I don't get into UVA, but waiting is driving me nuts, especially because a few other schools I'm applying to are just as competitive.
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  • Scholar2023Scholar2023 67 replies7 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    You said it @AlyB22 - no one really knows. Your course rigor is solid and very strong GPA. Sure, test scores may be low, but as I like to tell myself .."I'm more than 4 hours on a Saturday". Good luck!
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