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UVA chance me ??? + advice !!!!

c&tv13c&tv13 3 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
Just gonna be straight up with it

-in state (VA)
From NOVA tippity top
-weighted GPA - 3.97
ACT- 29
Subject Tests- French no list. 670, US History 670
Black/African American
First Generation
still working on essays, but I'm liking them


President of Model U.N. (member for 3 years, won some awards)
French honor Society for 2 years
Interned for Prince William County democrats and campaigned for several house and senate candidates (no need to name them all)

Also please feel free to criticize, ridicule, and advise me if im going about this the wrong way. Maybe im over thinking it??? UVA is my dream school and I've heard stories of people with the same GPA as me getting in but you never know. Please give advice.
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Replies to: UVA chance me ??? + advice !!!!

  • taloolabtaloolab 178 replies4 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    don't compare yourself to other people
    in state should make it a little easier (people don't attack me if im wrong) also the whole first gen and urm thing
    i think you might need more EC's but idk if you put a full list so i'm not going to judge that (the ones you have are strong)

    also i know you didn't say your unweighted GPA or course rigor, and i think that those 2 might push you right to an acceptance, but im not entirely sure

    nobody should ridicule you!! nobody here is an expert, and you really have a shot wherever you apply, especially if you have a meaningful application

    good luck and keep us updated!
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  • c&tv13c&tv13 3 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
    that's actually a question that I had. So ive only taken 9 ap's (1 sophmore year, 4 junior year, and 4 senior year), was wondering if that was enough.

    also not too sure about rigor though :/

    my senior year consists of
    AP lit, AP gov, AP research, and AP french V
    Functions anal. which is weighted as an Ap
    and astronomy and another stupid elective
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  • Jrsygrl23Jrsygrl23 40 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Honestly, do not worry about it there is nothing you can really do to dramatically change your chances of acceptance at this point, just have to wait it out. If it meant to be it will happen, if not there will definitely be another great option out there for you, where you will be able to succeed!
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  • hgguhijhgfghjhgfhgguhijhgfghjhgf 2 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
    edited December 2018
    Would love an honest answer! UVA is my top choice but I am applying RD to avoid being compared to all the NYC kids that are applying REA to IV league schools.

    Latina, from NYC private school
    GPA 3.9/4.0
    *School doesn't offer APs or IBs. But I took maximum amount of classes*
    ACT 30
    SAT II 730

    President of Food and Hunger Advocacy Club and LatinX club
    Intern at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
    Olympic Development Team for Equestrian Eventing

    Essays are good.

    edited December 2018
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