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UVA Transfer (Fall 2019) Chance me

TheWapTrapTheWapTrap 94 replies30 postsRegistered User Junior Member
Current Stats:

School: Wells College (small liberal arts college in NY, #168 in NLAC rankings)
Major(s): Economics and Philosophy
Minor(s): Political Science
GPA (Fall 2018): 3.675

Intended Major: PPL or Economics (CAS)


Hooks: URM, Low-income, first-gen

Courses/Grades (Fall 2018):

ECON101- Intro. Macroeconomics: B
ECON102- Intro. Microeconomics: A
PHIL240- Ethics: A-
WLLS100- Wellness & Lifelong Learning: A (required freshman seminar)
MATH111- Calculus I: W (I had a research opportunity that required me to drop 4cr worth of classes, this was the only one I could drop. However, this withdrawal won't show up on my transcript since I am taking it in the spring)

GPA: 3.675 (12cr.)

Additionally, I will be submitting by transcript from my local community college at which I was dual-enrolled during high school;

HIST201- US History I: A+
HIST202- US History II: A+
BUS201- Business Law I: A
ENGL101- Academic Writing II: B+

GPA (Cumulative): 3.8ish (12cr.)

Courses (Spring 2019):

POLS360- The US Judiciary
INTL151- Intro. International Relations (Taught by some big-wig in the field of Political Economy, works for the UN, cool dude)
MATH111- Calculus I
MATH151- Elementary Statistics
ECON306- Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
ECON290- Internship in Economics (4cr. Research internship, helping write a book with a renowned ecological economist)


1) Founded a harm-reduction group on campus that provides safe-use information and a designated driver service
2) Assisted/Participated in a conference for the International Society for Biophysical Economics
3) Economic Research in the field of Ecological Economics which will culminate into a book published by Springer
4) Reads about a book a week (not sure if this counts as an EC)
5) Tutor in Microeconomics
6) Tutor in Macroeconomics
7) College Democrats
8) College Republicans (did both, I'm an independent so it's nice to have perspectives on both sides)
9) Writing an introductory Microeconomics text for non-econ majors that will be freely available online
10) Model United Nations
11) I run an economics resource site to assist those enrolled in introductory economics courses.

Academic Honors:

Presidential Scholar (One of the schools highest scholarships, 2nd or 3rd highest idk)
Deans List


School: Small, Rural, Public (Graduated Early)
GPA: 2.9-3.0
Rank: 26/43 (Don't remember the exact figure, but it's likely around this)
ACT: Transfer students are not required to submit this, and my scores are weak. Will not submit.


Rotary Club (Treasurer)
Cornell University Upward Bound (TRIO program)
Volunteer at the local public library
Tutor in Business Law
Tutor in US History
Tutor in World History
Team manager for modified girls volleyball
All-County choir
Literary Club

Any critiques, tips, or comments are highly appreciated!
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Replies to: UVA Transfer (Fall 2019) Chance me

  • TheWapTrapTheWapTrap 94 replies30 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Could you elaborate? The transfer rate is ~40% (although likely inflated due to the guaranteed transfer applicants) and the average GPA for a fall transfer student is a 3.5.
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  • shs888shs888 13 replies2 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    He's a **** just ignore him
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  • TheWapTrapTheWapTrap 94 replies30 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    lol, I just wanted to see if there was some validity. Instructive criticism is helpful
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  • TheWapTrapTheWapTrap 94 replies30 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    *constructive. oof
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  • transfer1212transfer1212 33 replies1 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Highschool: 3.6 unweighted. Sat: 1980 and 1380 Act: 29.. Boatload extracurricular: started club and raised over 6,000 in first year for veterans, 4 year varsity athlete, key club transurer, a bunch more that show leadership and community service. However, grades were not top priority due to basketball and my goal to play in college.

    College: UNCW
    3.89 GPA
    Over 60 credits
    In a good amount of clubs and have done habitat for humanity and have leader Roles in some clubs.
    Deans list should be every semester.
    I am pretty involved, but I only applied to one college out of high school and it was a reach, but that is a long story and stuff went bad. However, in college I performed pretty incredibly and still am involved. I know UNCW is not known as a great academic school. I was just wondering if someone’s could weigh in on my chances. My sister is also performing very very well in the law school at UVA.
    Anybody know if it’s too much of a reach?
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