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UVA Deferred Advice

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Hiya! So I was currently deferred from UVA and earlier from Tulane. When I was deferred from Tulane, but it did not really hurt since I am from Virginia and ya know New Orleans and OOS tuition isn't fun for my bank account. UVA is my top school, but I never really wanted to say that in case I got denied or deferred.

Either way... I came for a bit of advice and maybe an explanation. A few people who were accepted from my school had lower stats than me, so I am just a confuzzled and extremely gloomy. Please be critical, but not to the point where I can't go to school tomorrow.

Here are a few of my stats:
GPA: 4.1 (4.4 for 11th grade)
SAT: 1300

Common App: About how my mami and Alexander Hamilton are similar and embracing my Hispanic heritage
Supp 1: Bojack Horseman
Supp 2: How I love crafting and how I use it in order to how my appreciation for the people i luv

9/10 took all honors and course requirements
11th: IB Psychology SL, IB Physics HL, IB Literature HL, IB Math SL, IB HOA, Advance Composition (course where we learn about tutoring), and Leadership
12th: IB Anthropology SL, IB Literature, IB Topics, IB Math SL, IB Spanish 1, Geosystems HN, and Leadership

-Student Government (4 years - Class VP (9), Class VP (10), Class Prez (11), School Prez (12))
-Edison Writing Center tutor (3 years)
-Varsity Swim Captain(4 years)
-National Honor Society President (2 years)
-Student Leadership Development Program (1 year) (work with School Board Members)
-Student Advisory Council (1 year) (Meet with student reps in my county and talk about different issues happening in our schools)

-Lifeguard (4 years)
-Swim instructor (2 years)

Ethnicity: Hispanic, first gen

My Faults:
- SAT and GPA are low, but I was hoping that my essay and extracurriculars would make up for it
- Too many extracurriculars

- Should I try to retake my SAT in March? Would they even get it? Should I do it in case I get wait listed?
- Should I write a deferred email talking about my interest in UVA?

So... yeah. If you took your time to read this... thanks man! If, not that is okay too!

I feel like this was more of a reflection session for me... hehehehe
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