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Chance a NOVA student for UVA 2024 (EA)

Zdawg10101Zdawg10101 26 replies5 threads Junior Member
Hi everyone!

UVA is my top choice in-state for its communication sciences/disorders and computer science program, and I would be so thrilled if I got in! I go to a suburban school in Northern Virginia, so about 15-20 students each year enroll at UVA. I'm also wondering if my disability (hearing loss) gives me a hook if I explain it in my essay properly. Please let me know my chances for UVA and suggest anything to make my application stronger.

High School Junior: Virginia

Ethnicity: Asian
ACT: 34
SAT: N/A (PSAT: 1400)
Weighted GPA: 4.4
Unweighted GPA: 3.93
Current AP's: AP Physics 1 (B+), AP Calc BC (A), AP Lang (A), AP Comp. Sci (A)

Extracurriculars/Related Awards
Varsity Tennis
-No.1, No.2 Singles (Team Captain, MVP, All-Conference Honorable Mention)

Writing Center
-Recruited 70 tutors in 2 months & National Conference Presenter (Class Award, Recruitment and PR Chair)

Student Welcoming Club
-Welcomed over 300 students in one year, spearheaded brochures that were distributed to all new students in the county; represented state S2S programs at the National Conference (Treasuer)

Math & Science Honor Society (Secretary: Science)

Part-Time Job: Mathnasium Tutor

Technology Club
5X Top 10 Regionals -3X Top 10 States

Other Academic and Random Awards

-Residential Governor's School Student -HOBY State Ambassador (Current Regional Recruitment Chair)
-Presidential Volunteer Award (Silver/175 hours)
Piano: 1st place (County) and 2nd place (District) PTA Reflections Music Composition || NFMC 60 Point cup (10 Superiors)
-2X Regional Scholastic Writing Awards Honorable Mention

Summer Activities
-Governor's School (Research project) -Part-time Job

Essay (Rough Draft): Moving past letting my disability (hearing loss) define me and how it has pushed me to research to end stigma and to advance the treatment of the disability combined with a blindfolded piano improv/music metaphor

Intended Major/Career Goal: Communication Sciences and Disorders or Data Science/Computer Science

Is it smart to talk about my disability? I've heard conflicting opinions on whether to disclose my disability in my essay. My other concern is that I don't have much research experience or science extracurriculars to back up that I want to go into computer science or pre-med track, but I've gone through high school and have only done things that I love and excelled at them. Anything to suggest to make my application for UVA stronger?
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Replies to: Chance a NOVA student for UVA 2024 (EA)

  • WahooAS2021WahooAS2021 32 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Writing about your disability is fine. I did. I’m know some other people with disabilities at UVA, and some of them did as well. I’m pretty sure there is also a student group for disabled students at UVA—some of the members have hearing disorders. The concerns with disclosing your disability are more applicable to graduate or professional schools, and it certainly makes you seem like a diverse candidate.
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  • CaviteeCavitee 184 replies12 threads Junior Member
    First off you are phenomenal candidate independent of your disability. What you’ve accomplished and the breadth of your interests is tremendous and doing this in light of what you have had to overcome is mind boggling.
    I wouldn’t worry about ECs focused on your major or career goals yet if applying to CLAS. If you read Dean J’s blog, the admission committee likes applicants who pursue multiple extracurricular interests and don’t narrow their scope in high school. They assume once you get to college and have a clear career path you will do that.
    As far as your essay, I think mentioning your hearing loss seems appropriate because it’s part who you are and what you’ve had to overcome. But obviously you’ve accomplished more than most who aren’t faced with that hurdle which makes your application even impressive.
    Best of luck (although I doubt you’ll need it) and hopefully I’ll be able to call you a fellow Wahoo.
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