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Chance me? Class of 2024?

ck2002ck2002 2 replies1 threads New Member
edited May 2019 in University of Virginia
Hi! I know it is a bit early but college admissions are on my mind and I wanted to know what my chances would be as an EA next year.
White Female from NoVA
Both my parents went to UVA as well as my aunt and uncle

Spanish 1: A
Algebra 1 HN: A-

Bio HN: A-
World History 1 HN: A-
Geometry: A
English 9 HN: A
Photo 1: A
Spanish 2: B+

Alg 2: A-
Spanish 3: B+
World history 2 HN: A
Photo 2: A
Chem HN: A
English HN: A

This year:
PreCalc: A
AP Lang: A-
AP Psych: A-
AP Physics: either B+ or A- (working on it...)
Spanish 4 HN: ^ same as physics
US History HN: A

Next Year:
AP Bio
AP AB Calc
AP Lit
AP Econ
Spanish 5
AP Gov

Tentative GPA after Junior Year (assuming I get the lower grades): 4.12
First attempt SAT w no studying: 1400 (had some calculator trouble and will be studying this summer so will likely climb to a 1500+)
Subject Tests: not taken yet but US history, Math II and Lit

-9 Varsity letters (12 by graduation) in swim, track and XC
-Team Captains for all three seasons
-3x State Champion
-Buddies Club, Mentoring and Community Service Club (leadership role)
-Job as swim coach
-National, English and Spanish Honor Society (hopefully a leadership role in one of these)
-Club Swim

Essay should be very strong as I am a writer and there are no class rankings for my school

UVA is my top choice and my main concern is that my classes weren't rigorous enough as I didn't take AP World History or AP US history or HN math the past 3 years.... I am trying to make up for it with difficult classes next year! Please Chance me and please give me your honest opinions and if there is anything I can do to increase my chances! Thank you!

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Replies to: Chance me? Class of 2024?

  • cbl1cbl1 Forum Champion Virginia Tech 849 replies12 threads Forum Champion
    These kind of things are hard to tell - especially as grades and GPA are hard to compare school to school. I would focus on being in the Top 10% of your class and with a lot of the extras and legacy you have you would have a decent shot. If your 4.12 is outside top 10% of your class your going to be very borderline. Its hard to predict as GPAs are different school to school (example: my son's school the cutoff was around 4.6 GPA in Top 10 and those accepted).
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  • Dean JDean J College Rep 4494 replies64 threads Senior Member
    edited May 2019
    There are no GPA cut offs. Please remember that admission officers are looking at actual courses and grades. Students with identical GPAs can have very different transcripts. The GPA doesn't tell an admission officer anything about the specific areas of academic strength. I write about this a lot of the UVA admission blog. Those posts might be helpful.

    In addition, the majority of schools no longer report rank to colleges. In our last incoming class, only 44% of students had a reported rank. The top 10% stat is reported because people ask for it. We do not know if the majority of our applicants were in the top 10%. The rumor that we spend all this time trying to figure out our rank when it isn't reported is false.

    No one here, not even the lone admission officer in the group, can predict your admission decision.
    edited May 2019
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  • cbl1cbl1 Forum Champion Virginia Tech 849 replies12 threads Forum Champion
    Sorry didn’t mean to imply there was a hard cutoff - just the more likely than nots. With the holistic approaches these days it can vary a lot.
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