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I feel like I ruined my chances at UVA

wahoowa1234wahoowa1234 0 replies1 threads New Member
I'm finishing up my sophomore year at my highschool in Northern VA, and I feel like I've ruined my chances at getting into my dream college, UVA.

Predicted end of year stats:
GPA: 3.84 W and 3.64 UW
SAT: haven't taken it yet

Played basketball freshman year
Co-founded a volunteer orginization which made top 10 in our county youth competition
Member of educators rising (volunteer at local elementary schools every week) and competed at the state competition
Coached a 5th grade basketball team

Other info:
My dad went to UVA which makes me legacy
I'm taking 3 APs next year and I took one this year
I'm planning on doing spanish all throughout high school (6 years)

I could really appreciate some advice on what I could do to improve my chances, because it would mean the world to me if I could get in.
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Replies to: I feel like I ruined my chances at UVA

  • Sixant789Sixant789 53 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Take the act/sat and see what you get—a 1500+ would improve your chances by a lot and you’re in state which is a definite advantage. Your gpa is defeinitly also on the low side but junior year there’s nothing much you can do about it so just focus on getting that sat score
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  • seaotter17seaotter17 160 replies12 threads Junior Member
    You still have two years of high school to raise your GPA; focus on bringing your grades up junior year (senior year won't matter as much since you will be applying then) and that will help you out. And if you do well on your test scores, that will help you out as well, as the poster above said. Legacy and being in-state do correlate with a better shot of getting in too.

    My advice would be to not obsess over UVA too much. Definitely make it a top goal for yourself, but get interested in other schools; there are A LOT of universities out there to fall in love with; many will get you where you want to go after graduation. At the end of the day, the admissions decision is out of your control and all you can do is try your best. Really liking a lot of schools with varying acceptance rates will make the application process much more engaging and rewarding than just praying you get into one top school (I give this advice to anybody regardless of their HS stats).

    Don't be too hard on yourself - you still have time, and you will do well no matter where you end up! Best of luck!
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  • cbl1cbl1 Forum Champion Virginia Tech 898 replies13 threads Forum Champion
    edited May 2019
    I think a better indicator (since GPA from school to school fluctuates) is if you are in top 10% of your class. If your in the top 10% and get good SAT then you have a shot.

    But as poster above said - don't obsess with UVA. Plenty of other terrific Virginia schools.
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  • 2kidstocollege182kidstocollege18 75 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Hi, Wahoowa1234:

    I'm an alum of the UVA School of Law. My sons are both rising Second Years. My daughter, a rising high school sophomore, might apply to UVA, but very well may not get in. As you know, it's very competitive even for in-staters when it comes to winning acceptance into UVA. So continue striving for good grades in rigorous classes that interest you, keep up with the extracurriculars that you enjoy, write some essays that speak to who you are (my guys wrote about favorite rock bands, novels, and the joys of summer swim), and prepare well for the SAT's. BUT PLEASE.....

    Start learning about -- and getting excited about -- other schools. I'd tell this to anyone with a hoped-for college in this ultra-competitive, kids-applying-to-20-schools environment. Start to think about what you like about UVA. Is it the size? The college town? Being fairly close to home? The school spirit and/or athletics? A particular major? The proximity to the mountains and orchards? Certain clubs or activities? Once you answer these questions, see which other schools meet your criteria, start to read about them online, and perhaps visit once your grades / SAT's come together your junior year. In addition to UVA, my sons -- who hate cities, like college athletics, and wanted to be very close to home -- applied to VA Tech, W&M, Penn State, Maryland, JMU, and Villanova. (I was a fan of Penn State, too.) My daughter, whose academic credentials will likely not be as stellar, is likely to check out JMU, Penn State, The University of South Carolina, Clemson, The University of Delaware and Christopher Newport University, among others. (Since she's just finishing her freshman year, we haven't really started to think about colleges for her yet.)

    I promise, there is no one "perfect" or "best" school out there for any one individual. There are many terrific schools out there that will provide you with an amazing college experience, assuming you go to class, study hard, get involved with clubs and activities, meet your professors, and fully explore your new college and town. I love UVA. My sons love UVA. But they would have had a great experience at any of the schools to which they applied. And I totally loved my undergraduate college, too, which was not even ranked in the top 100 colleges and universities. But I had a great time there, loved my professors, watched a ton of college basketball and football, did very well academically, and ended up at UVA Law with a scholarship. So please don't get hung up on which college you attend. Nothing is sadder on these sites than the student who can't enjoy having won admission into a handful of great schools because he or she didn't get into the designated "favorite." Keep UVA on your list and work hard (without going batty), but develop a list of favorites with their own terrific attributes. Good luck out there!

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  • Lighting_the_starsLighting_the_stars 8 replies2 threads New Member
    edited May 2019
    I would recommend taking a look at Dean J's blog. I know quite a few people who were admitted from my school, despite not have a high GPA, or even being in the top 10% of classes. Also, as you take more classes, your GPA will raise, if you are truly concerned with that.
    As for other advice, just enjoy high school and develop true passions that will carry on for the rest of you life, if not just your high school/college experience. I personally did things my parents primarily wanted me to, and now that I am about to graduate, I don't really know what my hobbies are, because I never got to choose. Make sure you actually like what you are doing, and your passion will carry over into the important part of your college applications--the essays.
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