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Questions about Marching Band from incoming first year

Hurricane16Hurricane16 8 replies5 threads New Member
For various reasons, I don't plan to audition for the marching band my first year at UVA, but am definitely considering it for my later years there. I have two main questions, for anyone who happens to know how it works:

1) How would one go about joining band at a later time (ex: second year)? Would they have to set up an audition some time towards the end of their first year, so that they can participate in band camp over the summer?

2) This is unrelated to when I'd take band, but I'm curious about how the credits for it work. AFAIK, marching band counts as two credits. Do I have to accept those credits? Would they be added on top of however many other credits I'd be taking? Do I have to restrict myself to a max of 15 course credits so the additional 2 don't put me over the 17 credit limit, and would I have to apply for course overload if they did put me over?

Thanks to anyone who can help!
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Replies to: Questions about Marching Band from incoming first year

  • momofthree55momofthree55 201 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I don't check these blogs very often so sorry no one has answered sooner. You should consider band your 1st year. I have two students in the band that love it. In your first year you will bond with the other 1st years and develop many relationships. This may be harder joining your second year.

    As far as auditions, they usually do them in the summer during orientation but you could probably talk to them about doing it at the end of the year so that you don't have to go back in the summer if you still want to join your second year.

    It sounds like there may be some changes with the directors next year so the way things are run may change.

    In the past the band was 2 credits but UVA has changed this so that the band does not count as credits but they are trying to change it back because many students want the credits.

    I have talked to other students in the band and they said that it is hard to take more than 15 credits during band season (plus the 2 band credits) because of the time commitment but it can be done and some students get waivers to do it. My kids have said that they take their harder class load in the Spring when they don't have marching band.

    Another advantage to marching band is that you have to be in marching band to be in basketball band. Even students who were not basketball fans became very excited about the games after last year and being in the basketball band you get to attend the games for free.

    Being in the band will instantly give you are large friend group and make it easier to adjust to college. One advantage is that the band director will find you a tutor if you need one and pay for them in what ever subject. Many of the band members will also start study groups after band practice. I think a group of the engineer students had a Chemistry study group that would meet after practice one year.

    You also have the advantage to meet students that are a year or two ahead of you in your major and get advice from them on classes and teachers.

    Good luck on your decision.
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  • Hurricane16Hurricane16 8 replies5 threads New Member
    Thank you so much for all the info! Do you happen to know, if they do change the system back, whether it would be required to accept the credits for marching band? (Or I guess I should say, is that what they used to do?) I've been spending a lot of time planning out course schedules for my time at UVA, and having to incorporate the credits really throws off when I'd be able to take certain classes.

    I don't much care for sports, I love band primarily for the social benefits. However, due to medical reasons it's just unrealistic for me to be able to participate this next year. But in later years, I definitely will be considering it. I had no idea about the free tutoring, it's really amazing that they offer that!

    I really appreciate your help!
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