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Chance me for UVA Early Action 2024?

PurpleLlama066PurpleLlama066 102 replies7 threads Junior Member
Hi everyone, i really appreciate anyone that responds to this. I know no once can predict the actual decision, but any insight would be helpful as I am getting mixed responses.

Location: Southeastern PA, public high school (class of 294 people) OOS
Race/gender: Indian Male
Major: Neuroscience, minor in comp sci (pre-health)

SAT: 1500 (800 M, 700 R/W)
SAT Subject Tests: Will take Bio M, Math 2, and Chem in August.
Unweighted GPA: Around 3.97 (no Bs, all As except 2 A-)
Class Rank/Percentile: 8/294 (top 3%)
Courses/APs: Taken the highest level for all, so far 7 APs: AP Euro (5), AP Psych (5), AP Calc AB (5), AP Lang (5), APUSH (5), AP Physics 1 (4), AP Chemistry (4)
Upcoming course load: AP Physics C, AP Stat, AP Calc BC, AP Gov, AP Lang, AP Bio

Extracurriculars/Summer Activites:
Class Treasurer/Student Government (2 years)
Academic Competition Team (3 years)
Science Olympiad (Co-Captain) (4 years)
Junior Varsity and Varsity Tennis (4 years)
Math Club (Secretary) (4 years)
Club Tennis (6 years)
Piano (6 years)
Summer Biology Research with professor at local small university
Boeing High School Scholars Internship
National Honor Society
Spanish National Honor Society
Volunteering Helping Veterans with Technology at VA: 80+ hours
Volunteering helping students learn math and reading at a Kumon: 90+ hours
9+ Science Olympiad Medals at regional and invitational level (faced some super good nationally ranked teams)
4 years Honor Roll
First Place in local School Coding Competition
AP Scholar With Distinction (school did't let me take more than 2 APs until junior year)

Other interested schools (opinions on these would be helpful too thanks!) : Pitt, Penn State, UMD, Drexel, Boston U, Emory, UVa, University of Michigan, Brown, UPenn, Dartmouth, Northeastern, UCLA , University of Rochester, Wake Forest (maybe), Northwestern

PS: Thank you for taking the time out to respond, any insight on how to strengthen my application/chancing would be greatly appreciated, thanks !!!!
7 replies
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Replies to: Chance me for UVA Early Action 2024?

  • Zdawg10101Zdawg10101 26 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Hi! UVA OOS is really competitive, but I think you have a good chance. Even though you don't have any "national" extracurriculars, your academic strength is very evident and you have some really impressive internships. Some tips for you are to combine all of your tennis activities into one extracurricular slot, especially emphasize your internships, and combine all of your volunteering hours into one slot. Your GPA and SAT are all set, don't fuss over that too much. For the other universities:
    Pitt, Drexel, & Penn State: Safety
    UMD, Boston University, Wake Forest: Match
    UVA, U Michigan: Reach (OOS)
    U Penn, Dartmouth, Brown, UCLA, Northwestern, Northeastern, Emory: Reach for everyone
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  • PurpleLlama066PurpleLlama066 102 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Thanks I appreciate the response!
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  • makemesmartmakemesmart 1775 replies14 threads Senior Member
    Is UVA your top choice? You do know that they added ED this application cycle, so it might make EA a bit tricky imo. If UVA is your first choice, being oos, (and IF finance is not a problem), you may want to consider ED.
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  • PurpleLlama066PurpleLlama066 102 replies7 threads Junior Member
    UVA is definitely one of my top choices, but financially I want to go to grad school (maybe med school) and have another brother who will be in college one year after me, so I don't want to take the risk and financially burden my parents.
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  • makemesmartmakemesmart 1775 replies14 threads Senior Member
    edited July 2019
    I don’t think UCLA gives lots of FA money for OOS, you should consider dropping it.
    edited July 2019
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  • PurpleLlama066PurpleLlama066 102 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Ok thanks, do you have suggestions for top STEM schools that are generous with merit/need based money?
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  • Zdawg10101Zdawg10101 26 replies5 threads Junior Member
    VCU in Richmond, Virginia has a strong program (academic, research, and volunteering) for anything health-related including guaranteed admission program for VCU's medical school. They also offer some merit scholarships for students with your stats.
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