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Should my son apply to UVa?

TwinsDad2024TwinsDad2024 4 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
Quick background: I am a CLAS '94 alumnus of the University of Virginia that lives out of state (Georgia). I have identical twin sons that are seniors in high school that are very smart and well rounded, that up to this point have been focused on either GT or UGa. Those are reasonably good universities that are very cheap in-state on a Zell Miller scholarship, and UVa (#28) vs. GT (#29) is a wash in the latest USNWR report. I understand how special the University is but have never pushed it on them -- they are living their own lives.

Anyway, my oldest twin just posted a 1550 on the SAT last week and lately has been thinking that he would like to study finance. Suddenly he is wondering about higher-ranked finance programs in the Southeast (i.e., UNC and UVa). The problem is that he hasn't been focused on UVa when planning his high school and so he has what appear to be some resume holes. For instance, he was able to stop foreign language after his sophomore year, and did so. He has a ton of AP classes across the core (including a lot of STEM), but has also taken a band class each year (he lives band, including being in leadership in the marching band and district honor band and a community band, etc.). UVa apparently is very strict about the language requirement.

His high school counts 8th grade into class rank(?!?!) and he had a few Bs there, plus a few Bs in AP classes along the way. He is at a highly competitive large high school and is about 12th percent, so not in the top 10% of the class as of end of junior year.

Are those three items -- not taking four years of language, taking band instead of a sixth AP class each semester, and being just outside the top 10% of the class -- basically the kiss of death for him at UVa? He'll have plenty of other opportunities, just not sure if UVa is going to even consider him. I know the legacy status no longer matters (and that's fine -- I don't believe it should in a meritocracy).

What do you think?
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  • joecollege44joecollege44 116 replies8 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    UVA is VERY difficult out of state and the kids that get in have Ivy League stats. I don't see any reason not to apply but I would say the chances are slim (as they are for anyone out of state). GT and UGA are great though!
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  • arbitrary99arbitrary99 75 replies4 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I’ve been told that legacy is counted in the in state admissions pool so yes.
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  • northwestynorthwesty 3516 replies9 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
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    You are incorrect about UVA OOS legacy status. UVA continues to confirm its long standing legacy policy. Including posts here on CC from the horse's mouth (Dean J from UVA admissions).

    UVA only gives the legacy tip to OOS applicants. Because the admit standards for IS applicants are already easier than for OOS applicants. Middle 50% SAT score: 1340-1500 (VA) 1430-1540 (OOS). Middle 50% ACT composite: 32-34 (VA) 33-35 (OOS). Admit rate: 36% (VA) 19% (OOS).

    The only debate/question is how strong the OOS legacy tip is. My anectdotal experience is that OOS legacies do much better than similarly situated non-legacy OOS applicants. In the olden days, it was said that OOS legacies got considered using the admission standards applied to IS-ers. UVA doesn't say that anymore -- instead it just says that legacy status is an advantage.

    Either way, a 1550 SAT is above the 75th percentile for both IS and OOS. So your kid is obviously in the game. Pro tip for you. Schedule a session with the legacy admission counselors at the UVA alumni association. They are terrific and can give you a very informed view on your kid's prospects. https://alumni.virginia.edu/admission/

    Last, note that UVA this year has just started binding early decision. Applying ED could make your kid's chances even stronger.
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 34216 replies378 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    edited September 9
    Agree with northwesty that legacy OOS is not a guarantee. Afaiac, the first issue is they like geo diversity in-state, but have to deal with the volume of superior kids in N. VA. There's no one pattern that assures any kid, in or out of state, has XX chance.

    I wouldn't say IS is "easier." You end up seeing a range of stats because of the effort to include all parts of the state in the admit pool.
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  • CaviteeCavitee 149 replies12 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Contact UVA alumni liaison program https://alumni.virginia.edu/admission/
    They operate at arm’s length from the admissions department but can give you a better idea of the impact of foreign language requirement shortfall. I think the other issues mentioned (band vs AP and just outside the top 10%) are not as important and can be offset with the SAT.
    CLAS ‘92 who has a daughter first year (class of 2023) from N.C.
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 29423 replies58 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    The Alumni Liason is a valuable resource for you and your son. They can give you some more evidence based info rather than anecdotal speculation.
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  • UVAmom23UVAmom23 106 replies8 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    So I am a UVA alumna living in Georgia and Tech is more than "reasonably good". Their undergrad engineering school is tied with Cal Tech at #4. If you have a child that wants to be an engineer it is a no brainer (and a 1550 is not unusual at Tech). That being said, the language gap is an issue for UVA. My kid dropped Spanish in 10th grade for another science. The alumni admission people gave him a hard time about it but he got in to UVA. Decided not to go because not a strong engineering program although he loved the university. The next issue is the cost - UGA and Tech are an amazing value with the Zell scholarship. We got zero dollars from UVA and GT with the Zell scholarship is 60k less a year and higher ranked. We just could not justify out of state tuition for UVA as much as I love it. Totally not worth it for us.
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  • TwinsDad2024TwinsDad2024 4 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    UVAmom23, I think that might be the way we are leaning. He's taken all of those STEM classes and has the kinds of scores where GT is possible, but he just doesn't want to do that with his life. That's his call, and I certainly understand it; I started in the Engineering school at UVa before switching over to CLAS after a year and definitively knew that I did NOT want to work in that field.

    Anyway, the gap in undergraduate program reputation between McIntyre and Scheller & Terry is pretty dramatic. That said, I am not sure it is wise to pay $75k to go UVa undergrad (McIntyre charges another $10k) even if we could address the issues in my initial post. Better to send him to UGa or GT and bank the difference, then give that to him as seed capital if he has a good idea for a start-up.

    We're applying Early Action to GT and UGa and should know we are good there before the Jan. 1 deadline for regular decision at UVa. So there is still time to keep our options open.
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  • dmvmomx2dmvmomx2 34 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I agree with the folks above about your son's chances. As long as you approach it as a reach, it wouldn't hurt to apply. I also echo the suggestions to reach out to the alumni chapter and/or admissions officer.

    One thing you may ask your son before applying is would he be happy attending UVA if he did not get into McIntire? Does he have a plan if that option is not available to him?

    Good luck to your sons! I have twin boys as well with one as a Finance major too:)
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  • funfitfunfit 53 replies9 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Hi Everyone! My daughter was nominated by her high school to apply to UVA for a full ride scholarship. We are in Florida. Her stats is #1 in class, 1460 SAT and a weighted GPA of 8.24 and unweighted 4.0. She did a ton of dual enrollment classes which explains her GPA. I have a few questions about UVA

    1. Her Uncle and cousin went to UVA. Any connection to being a legacy?
    2. She took Spanish 1 and 2 honors in middle school. Took Spanish 1 and 2 at the community college. And has taken American sign language 1 and 2 at the community college. Is that enough language?
    3. Can you apply undecided major and have a chance? or do you need to declare.
    4. What is the easiest major for acceptance?

    Thanks so much!
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