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Chance Me UVA engineering (not ED)

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Hi there, I am a current senior and want to know what my chances are getting into UVA engineering regular decision. I am planning on majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in computer science. I am Asian and live in Loudon County (Northern Virginia). Here are my stats:

SAT superscored: 1510 Math: 790 English: 720
Biology subject (projected): 800
Rank: my school doesn't have ranking
GPA: 4.22, 11th grade was 4.32
AP Physics Mechanics: 5
AP BC Calculus: 4
AP AB Calculus: 4
CompSci Principles: 4
Received academic award each year for having a GPA above a 4.0
Received varsity letters from robotics every year for my contributions to the team

My recommendations are from my hospital supervisor, engineering teacher and BC calculus/Multi variable teacher.

Extracurriculars (all of which are elaborated on in the application through supplemental essays):
Volunteered at my local hospital for the last 2 years: I did patient transport, worked the gift shop and was promoted to the volunteer manager.
Robotics team member all of high school: I have been community outreach lead and design lead and have won qualifying competitions throughout the years and went to worlds one of the years.
Volunteered at my local church over the last six years.
Tutor middle schoolers in math over the last two years as a job.
Hold a leadership position in the St.Judes club that I was a part of for the last four years.
Started a sustainability club at my school to get water conserving water fountains.
Volunteered at a STEM remediation camp for middle school kids over the summer.
Part of Math, Science, and National Honors Society.

Course Rigor:
I have taken my engineering electives the last four years and taken the highest level maths available. Above are my AP scores from my STEM AP classes. My STEM classes this year are AP Biology, Multi-variable Calculus, AP CompSci, advanced engineering. My grades for the STEM classes last year were B's. But if I finish 1st semester with all A's, will I be fine?

Please be brutally honest, thanks so much!
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