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UVA transfer for fall 2020 semester

howard 2023howard 2023 2 replies1 threads New Member
Hey, I'm currently applying to UVA as a transfer student.

I wanted to make this thread to ask what are my chances, or how strong of a candidate am I based on my credentials?

-I am a freshman at Howard University
-will have taken a total of 37 transferable credits at Howard (includes spring, not AP )
-got all As in my first semester, I should be able to maintain my 4.0 GPA through the second semester; the WOSRT-CASE scenario is that I MIGHT end up with one B
-got a 4 on both AP calc AB and APES that I tested in (unfortunately, Howard does not take APES, so it is not on my Howard transcript. However, I did send both scores to UVA)
-I'm currently on the eboard of Howard university Muslim student association (HUMSA)
- in an actual biology research lab called PHAGES, which substitutes the general bio lab
-some volunteer work here and there; I want to try different things
- In-state for UVA

highschool credentials ( I know it looks pretty sh**y)
- 3.85 unweighted; 3.9 weighted(I only took 3 Ap courses and slacked towards the very end of my senior year)
- around 200 hrs of volunteer work
-did not do any EC
-1330 SAT- I did not send the scores to UVA because I feel like it will hurt my application because of how low it is compared to their average. Should I??

-I worked as a tutor for Kumon for almost a year
- currently, work as a camp counselor

I did not add to my application that I am working toward setting up a voting booth at my campus for students so that they can go out and vote. I am working with My Muslim Vote through the HUMSA. Should I??

Any advice or feedback or helpful response would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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