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Linen Package

db123db123 Registered User Posts: 736 Member
edited June 2008 in University of Virginia
Can someone describe the quality of the linens that are provided by UVa? I was thinking about it but if they aren't all too comfy, I'm going to end up buying my own. And are they recycled from year to year? (like do you get linens from someone who used them last year) And last question, if you get the towels that are provided, how absorbent are they?
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Replies to: Linen Package

  • shoebox10shoebox10 Registered User Posts: 3,559 Senior Member
    You don't get any linens from UVA. All you get in first year dorms are your basic furniture (bed, desk, hutch, chair) and a mattress. Go to Bed Bath & Beyond or Target or something and buy your own, you'll need TwinXL and both stores carry lots of selections. I suggest only one set of sheets, but get two sets only if you like a heavier set in the winter and something lighter in the spring. Also, I suggest getting a Full/Double comforter because its the needed length for a twin XL and most likely you'll get a full/double bed sometime in the future in an apartment or house and you can reuse it. I got a Full from Sheets, comforters, home furnishings and more from Domestications catalog and have used it my first two years with TwinXL and will use it next year with a double bed.
    For towels, one towel is enough, and maybe a washcloth.
    They'll send out a brochure with a bunch of sheets/comforters you can buy from some company, but I've heard they're poor quality, over-priced, and non-returnable.
  • HopefulHoo'sDadHopefulHoo'sDad Registered User Posts: 218 Junior Member
    We purchased my son's linens (two sets of sheets and pillow cases, a comforter, and some other odds and ends including a laundry bag) from the company UVa has to send you a brochure. These linens held up quite nicely, and my son will be using them again next year when he moves from new dorms to Lambeth. The quality of these linens was more than acceptable; they certainly were not "poor quality" by any stretch of the imagination. Also, the prices were reasonable for what we bought. If you haven’t purchased your linens by the time you receive the brochure, that’s an option worth considering.

    We purchased his towels, wash cloths, etc. from another source. High quality stuff at very reasonable prices (hey, what else would you expect from TJ Maxx?!?).

    I suggest you not skimp on the quality of your towels, and I recommend you bring two good towels at a minimum. Also, bring sandals/flip flops for the showers.
  • shoebox10shoebox10 Registered User Posts: 3,559 Senior Member
    Ooh totally forgot about laundry stuff. DO bring something sturdy to put your laundry in. I got those simple mesh/wire ones from BB&B for $5 and they blew out with all the trips to the laundry room. I suggest a canvas laundry bag, or they have these ones with a shoulder strap. Then if you want, just get whatever to throw your laundry in in your room, and that way you have a separate laundry bag/hamper.

    Also, suggestion to anyone for laundry detergent and such: there's two things I've seen people do. The first is that they just buy small containers and refill/rebuy them often at home. However, the smartest thing I've seen is each roommate buys either detergent or softener in a big jug and little jug (and I mean itty bitty, smallest they get). Then, they stick the big jugs in the corner, and use them to refill the small jugs as they go. They ultimately share, but this way you're not lugging some giant jug (or two) to the laundry room each time. Also, it cuts down on space. Or, instead, just buy the two big jugs and get small waterbottles or something to carry the detergent in and have the lines marked off.
  • db123db123 Registered User Posts: 736 Member
    sorry shoebox, I forgot to mention that the linens I was referring to were the ones you could purchase through UVa (or rent or whatever). I'm somewhat picky when it comes to my bedding so I wanted to get others feedback on those. Would double or full sheets work as well? The sheets I'm looking at right now don't come in twin XL. Also, how good would a down comforter be?

    My current plans include buying a new down comforter, a duvet cover, and possibly two sheet sets plus decorative pillows. (really, you should see my bed at home.) For towels and bath items, I'm thinking 2 towels, a bathrobe, and 2 hand towels plus caddy, flip flops, etc. I have a slight feeling I'm going overboard...

    HHD: love tjmaxx! that's where my boots come from. :)

    And laundry: laundry is too expensive to do. I'm gonna lug it home once a month and do it there from the comfort of my whirlpool washer/dryer where I know I can't screw up haha. (Febreeze woot woot!) When I was at my summer program, I made the mistake of adding the powder crap directly onto my jeans and it took like 4 washings to get it out. So db123 = seasoned pro at laundry haha.
  • shoebox10shoebox10 Registered User Posts: 3,559 Senior Member
    Nah, you'll need at least a twinXL fitted sheet. The double might be doable, just make sure the length/width is more than the XL, and for the fitted sheet you'll need bed suspenders (4 bucks at BB&B). I bought some excellent 390 thread count XL sheets at BB&B for $20 last year, and I love them so much that I'm getting the same in a double size. Just watch the online sites for discounts and sign up for BB&B's mailing list (you can get 20% off coupons for free in the mail, or just ask neighbors or something).

    For comforter, a down comforter might be nice, but I doubt you'll ever need the warmth of it. I would look at Domestications.com (their comforters are all on sale right now), BB&B, overstock.com, and other dept-type places (TJ Maxx might even have it) and just watch for sales. My dad got one from Macys last week during their huge sale, it's a King and he got it for $80 which is dirt cheap and it's a normally $200 comforter.
    As for decorative pillows, if you or anyone in your family/friends is sewing machine-friendly, consider buying a plain pillow then going and buying fabric to cover it. My mom made me a regular size pillow cover a couple of Christmases ago which I love, and it spurred me to cover a body pillow in fabric that is UVA-themed. It's a fun project and everyone loves my UVA pillow. I'm a pillow fan too ;) I have a bean-bag type one, the two decorative ones, plus a regular pillow.
    As for showers, I get by with one towel. I should probably have two and I probably will get another one this year. I used a robe/towel first year just to minimize space. This year I should've gotten the second towel because I didn't use my robe at all (my bathroom was two feet away) and sometimes I'd forget to wash my towel and frankly, towels should be clean. Ugh. Ok, definitely getting a second towel haha. Just remember, you can always go out and buy another or get parents to ship a towel, but then again you can always bring and leave home over fall break. As for flip flops, Old Navy ones are the best.

    As for laundry, I doubt you'd be able to get by for a month, and you're probably not going to have room for a month's worth of clothes. Maybe ask a roommate to help or RA? Frankly, the washing machines are idiot-proof. Detergent goes in one slot that is clearly marked "detergent", throw your clothes in, and you're good. Throw in a fabric softener sheet in the dryer, and it makes it even easier. Skip the powder stuff, I have Oxi-Clean but I was always too lazy to take the little lunch-meat tupperware thing with me, much less a giant tub.
  • HopefulHoo'sDadHopefulHoo'sDad Registered User Posts: 218 Junior Member
    UVa's laundry service has come a long way since I was there in the late 60's/early 70's.

    I especially enjoy the "Laundry Alerts" feature. It lets you know how many washers and/or dryers are in use/available at a given laundry location, and it even tells you the amount of time left on your washing and/or drying cycle. As I type this, there is one poor soul washing his/her laundry in Bice.

    In the old days we just showed up and took our chances.
  • shoebox10shoebox10 Registered User Posts: 3,559 Senior Member
    Yup! It didn't quite work perfectly in Lambeth last year, but at least you got a ballpark in case you forgot to look at a clock on the way out. They're apparently really accurate in first year dorms. I'm sure they're working out the kinks this summer though, so I'd imagine them all to work 110% next year.

    Also, the machines take either coins or you can swipe your ID. So, instead of lugging coins, you can simply go online in the beginning of the year, throw on $20, and see how far it'll get you (that's probably 7 washings/dryings total)
  • WDStrongJrWDStrongJr Registered User Posts: 79 Junior Member
    The Bookstore and Cavalier Computers are selling various linen sets to fit your needs, delivered to your dorm room. All of our linens fit the XL twin beds and come from a company who sells these sheets to Bed, Bath & Beyond. If you would like to find out more about our linens and the convenience of having everything waiting for you in your dorm room, please click below.

    Regardless of what you choose to do, congratulations on your acceptance to UVA and we look forward to seeing you in August.

    Cavalier Computers - Student Computers
  • shoebox10shoebox10 Registered User Posts: 3,559 Senior Member
    Bookstore ads need to stop. Seriously. There are better options out there, way better.
  • WDStrongJrWDStrongJr Registered User Posts: 79 Junior Member
    We are authorized by CC to inform you what the University is offering you. I have been doing this for the past 3 years here.
    The Bookstore is owned and operated by the University, not some outside company.
    Our statement: A portion of every sale from this web site is returned to the University in support of its Endowment for Excellence, student programming, and need based scholarships.

    When you shop at UVA's bookstore in person, through our catalog, or at our web site, everyone at the University benefits.

    We are the only store that can say that.
  • db123db123 Registered User Posts: 736 Member
    WD, I was completely aware that UVa sells linens. In fact, I said that the linens I was refering to were the ones you could purchase through UVa.
    Macys last week during their huge sale

    haha when does Macys NOT have a sale? My mom is definitely on the highest card level for them (it's something above platinum lol) and she keeps telling herself there's something above that to justify her spending haha. I'm pretty sure all of my stuff will be coming from there so she gets her rewards coupons. :) But do you think queen sheets would work? Or would they be too big?

    And it's not that I can't do laundry; I've been doing mine for seven years now. It's just that when I come face to face with a washer/dryer that has knobs instead of buttons, I tend to mess up somewhat. (and that may be an understatement.)
  • shoebox10shoebox10 Registered User Posts: 3,559 Senior Member
    I just think the Bookstore is grossly overpriced, ESPECIALLY on books, and just about everything else in there. I don't think "everyone" benefits from that...I don't benefit from spending more, and it's not like a ton of that money goes back to the university anyways.

    Db: Macy's has really good stuff. I don't know if queen sheets would work perfectly, but i'm sure with some coaxing and some pins they would. The fitted sheet is the only thing that is a pain in the butt, but you could easily put it on, then pin/hold in down to the bed somehow. A queen comforter would hang over the bed a ton but what i did was just put a ton in between the bed and the wall so not only was it a tad less wide, but it actually stayed ON my bed. For a mattress pad, definitely get a TwinXL, they're like $15 so it's not a huge biggie.
    Macy's probably doesn't have much college stuff right now, or they're just starting. Wait till like June/July and as soon as you see a good price, jump on it. Also, BB&B is worth watching too, as is TJ Maxx.
    And laundry: they have buttons on the machines at school ;) You get three choices on washing: whites, colors, delicates. I always do mine on colors, whether they're mostly whites or not. It puts less stress on the clothes. For the dryer, you get: normal, permanent press, delicates. Frankly, if it's a delicate, hang it up to dry. Some guys I know put they're polos and jeans through PP, and the rest through normal. I send just about everything except for delicates in the normal and haven't had any problems. The machines are pretty anti-laundry-people-friendly ;) It just might be easier than the month-clothes idea to give them a try.
  • canuck01canuck01 Registered User Posts: 528 Member
    Slightly off topic, but are there irons and ironing boards in the laundry rooms?
  • shoebox10shoebox10 Registered User Posts: 3,559 Senior Member
    Nah. I suggest getting an iron because even though you may use it only 3-4 times the entire year, those 3-4 times are crucial. Also, an iron won't go to waste as you can keep it around for years and years. My moms iron now looks 15-20 years old (that iron goes back as far as my memory does, and I'm 20, so it may even be more!) and it works perfectly, so there's no loss. As for an ironing board, I suggest getting either a tabletop one or I've seen some that have legs that extend out. Either way, don't get a huge one, there's no room and no point. You start to figure tricks out in college, such as scoring free food, ironing on a little board, etc ;)
  • db123db123 Registered User Posts: 736 Member
    If you keep a clean desk and have an extra sheet lying around, then you don't need the board. Fold the sheet and put it onto the desk and then iron your clothes. I would just put something heavy on a corner of the sheet to keep it in place. Or, you could always find someone in your building and borrow theirs. :) this is also a good course of action.
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