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How do you like UVA?

cyborg939cyborg939 Registered User Posts: 244 Junior Member
edited September 2010 in University of Virginia
I am an applicant for UVA for the class of 2015 and I would like to hear some of the things those of you attending UVA like/dislike about the schools, the people, Charlottesville, etc. I visited there last year and I was VERY impressed by the professionalism of the admissions counselors and the student tour guides. I also loved the atmosphere of the campus. I'm not sure about going to school in a small town, but I think that the quality of the education will trump the downsides of the location. What are your experiences?

Academics, the drinking/partying scene, the town, the people (overall) are all good topics. I appreciate all the help!
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Replies to: How do you like UVA?

  • hazelorbhazelorb Registered User Posts: 3,240 Senior Member
    There are a gazillion threads titled "likes/dislikes" or "pros/cons" if you search... If you can't find what you're looking for via that then reply back but it should answer all of your questions imho.
  • powderpuffpowderpuff Registered User Posts: 781 Member
    1.) Academics are top notch. I'm a 4th year student now and have had a most wonderful academic experience, that exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with courses, Professors, etc.
    2.) The motto is: work hard, party hard. Being just a party person is frowned upon by fellow students>>big time. Pretty much everyone takes their academic load very seriously, but look forward to the weekends too :)
    3.) From my perspective, CVL is not a small town, but hey, I'm from a small OOS place. CVL is a moderately sized southern city with a downtown which is separate from the main Grounds of UVA. There are people in this town from all walks of life here, good and bad and in between, just like any city in the USA.
    4.) The students are pretty much very bright, eager to learn. Somewhat preppy, good looking (I think so at least), happy, lots are into the Greek life (I am). There is a bit of the southern mystique, lots of manners, "girls in pearls, guys in ties", but I'm from NC and I have to say that it seems downright northern to me at times!! That's a joke.....no, not really.......??? But that's ok, I'm happy :)
  • dreaming92dreaming92 Registered User Posts: 441 Member
    I love it here.
  • tiachopvutrutiachopvutru Registered User Posts: 78 Junior Member
    I don't love it here, but I don't dislike it here, either.

    The food are okay if I were lenient on the grading, and terrible if I were to be more stringent. Generally they have too much oil and too salty for my taste. That said, the fruits here taste really good. Since I only eat cereal at O'Hill every morning (on weekdays at last, but it gets tiring to eat the same thing), I look forward to the cantaloupe portion every day.

    So far I have only officially participated in two clubs (Chess Club and Historical Simulation Society, which is more like a board-game club). I'm not a party person, so club is my source of fun outside of class. I guess I'm just somewhat disappointed that some clubs require substantial fee (I'm quite cheap, too), or some of them have time conflict. That said, there is a whole variety of them out there, and I'm thinking of joining more.

    The academic portion went outside my expectation. I'm actually enjoying classes more than I expected. Japanese class is really fun--it requires a good amount of preparation, but if you don't prepare, then class would suck. Honors Calculus III is really interesting (though Ordinary Differential Equations is somewhat boring). Since I checked ratemyprofessors before deciding classes, I didn't expect myself to enjoy the Calc III class, the instructor of which receives low rating there, more than the DiffEq class, whose instructor receives high rating. I would say that generally the academic faculties are nice, but I guess there are good and bad ones in every college.

    I'm not sure if it's just me, but one thing I love here is the scenery...and the squirrels--okay, make that two. The scenery is really nice, and the squirrels just make it nicer. The squirrels run really fast and climb tree really fast, too--they are like ninja.

    Yea...I'm not sure if I'm even posting anything you are looking for since I feel like I'm just talking about myself, lol.
  • Dean JDean J College Rep Posts: 4,481 Senior Member
    We definitely have some of the friendliest squirrels around. :)
  • dreaming92dreaming92 Registered User Posts: 441 Member
    Oh, and there are giant butterflies, if you like that kind of thing. Personally, I hate them, but...
  • UVAorBustUVAorBust Registered User Posts: 2,504 Senior Member
    I like UVA and I've only visited. It's got such a great great campus.
  • hoyasaxa1hoyasaxa1 - Posts: 175 Junior Member
    UVa is a great school--the majority of my closest friends from high school go/went to UVa as I attended high school in Virginia--I think that it provides one of the best (if not the best) undergraduate experiences, academically and socially, of any public school in the nation. It's only draw backs include an overly strong greek system which dominates the social lives of too many students, a significant element of social elitism (secret societies, etc.) , misogyny (as evidence by recent events), racism, and homophobia that is not seen to the same degree at most of its academic peer schools (except maybe Notre Dame), and a significant dichotomoy in the overall academic quality of the in-state and out-of-state students. It has a traditional, beautiful campus (grounds), and the undergraduate academic opportunities are great. The town of Charlottesville is, for the most part, neutral (it is a nice enough college town, especially close to campus, but otherwise doesn't offer much), but the school is close enough to DC (two hour drive or so) to go up once or twice a semester.
  • powderpuffpowderpuff Registered User Posts: 781 Member
    The "ninja squirrels" here are truly amazingly cute. In fact, Disney-like, as opposed to the notorious U of Michigan black squirrels that are known to growl at passing students, Yikes!!
  • TheUniversityTheUniversity Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    It is surprising that a Hopkins medical student has time to post wild conclusions about a school never attended on a message board primarily for high school students and their parents.

    One has to wonder about this interest in talking to teenagers on the Internet. It is not normal.
  • hazelorbhazelorb Registered User Posts: 3,240 Senior Member
    Wowww I missed the entire middle of the comment the first time I saw it because I clearly just scan the first and last lines of most paragraphs...
  • hoyasaxa1hoyasaxa1 - Posts: 175 Junior Member
    How do you characterize these observations as "wild conclusions" when they have been articulated by many of the UVa faculty, administrators, and students? Your suggestion that I have some untoward interest by posting on this site is disturbing--why resort to name calling? This site is designed for people interested in education from various backgrounds and points of view--why do you find the need to name call when you experience an opinion, observation, or conclusion that you don't like--you would have thought a student or alum of "The University" would be more adept at presenting an argument as oppose to throwing meaningless insults (or perhaps punches in other situations....).
  • hazelorbhazelorb Registered User Posts: 3,240 Senior Member
    Well no one here on these boards who actually attends UVA has made mass allegations of misogyny or racism or homophobia. So I'm not sure where you're getting those statements from. There is a historical precident of some misinformed first year boys who are racist, because there was an incident a few years ago, but I've never heard of any incidents of the other two (even the spring's murder had nothing to do with misogyny), though again there is an overall ALL-COLLEGES rate of sexual assault of 1 in 4 women.
  • powderpuffpowderpuff Registered User Posts: 781 Member
    Wow, this thread got really creepy pretty fast. Thanks for speaking up TheUniversity, and I like your name too :)
  • Dean JDean J College Rep Posts: 4,481 Senior Member
    I have to agree...I was expecting to read comments about student self governance, clubs & orgs, and maybe a little discussion of the Honor Code.

    I personally think that the fact that so many current students opt to spend hours each week on this board sharing their experiences in a candid and open way is a nice statement about UVa.

    By the way, there's a reason Charlottesville is called The Hook. It's a boomerang town. Once you spend time here, it's hard to leave. If you do leave, you'll be back. The quality of life here is outstanding. :)
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