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Chance Me

nickkeechnickkeech 10 replies5 threads New Member
edited January 2011 in University of Washington
Hi, I am currently a freshman at UC Santa Cruz.
I am a proposed psychology major, with a current GPA of 3.7.
While I enjoy Santa Cruz, I feel I would be better adjusted to a larger city, such as Seattle.
I also noticed that Washington is ranked far higher for my major, and for that reason I have looked a great deal into the possibility of transfer.

In highschool, I did sadly slack off a bit, and finished with an unweighted GPA of 3.3.
My SAT scores were 1910.

My ec's were :
-Played lacrosse all 4 years of highschool
- Worked a couple part time jobs.

Now that I am in college, I have become much more dilligent and determined in achieving good grades.

I intend to keep my GPA 3.5+. I also have satisfied half the required psychology prerequisites at santa cruz (showing my interest in the subject).

With all that said, I would like to know if I have a shot applying to UDUB as a sophmore entering fall 2011, or if I should instead wait a year and build my college GPA.

Thank you.
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Replies to: Chance Me

  • collegebiocollegebio 18 replies1 threads New Member
    Could you list your number of credits?
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  • collegebiocollegebio 18 replies1 threads New Member
    Actually, i'll give you feedback on your transfer status, without knowing the number of credits you have. First, high school GPA and SAT scores only greatly affect your admissions decision, if you are under 40 credits. As a sophomore, you should have 40+ quarter credits. If not, your SAT score does look high, but not high enough to buffer the high school GPA.

    Extracurricular activities in high school only help if you are applying as a freshman. I wouldn't bother listing them. UW admissions is more concerned about what you have done in college and what makes you stand out. How will you contribute to UW? Don't think of the question in terms of services for UW, but how you contribute with your background (i.e. diversity, leadership). I would definitely brush up on your essay writing skills by reviewing some sample college admissions essays online.

    The college GPA will be a primary factor in determining whether you are admitted to UW. If you keep a high GPA, your chances will be good. As seeing you are applying from an out-of-state, four year university, you want to make sure you keep an extra high GPA.

    Lastly, you are applying for a major that is competitive. This means that there are very few spots available for this major. With that said, if you can keep above a 3.5+, you should be in the upper portion of people accepted into the major. http://admit.washington.edu/files/PDFs/PSYCH.pdf

    One last thing to note is that UW places priority on applicants with 90+ credits. Nevertheless, in my opinion, I would apply and see if you get in (make sure you have 40+ credits). Make sure you write a good essay. If you have any questions, get in contact with an admissions counselor found on the UW transfer site. Good luck!
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  • nickkeechnickkeech 10 replies5 threads New Member
    Thank you.

    As you may know, similar to UDUB, UCSC is also on a quarter system.
    I currently have completed 17 quarter credits, and am in the process of taking another 15 this quarter.
    Next quarter i also intend on taking 15.

    With that being said, do you think I should wait till all 40 credits are completed, or apply now with only 17, letting them know that I intend to be up to par by the end of this school year.
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  • collegebiocollegebio 18 replies1 threads New Member
    In my opinion, if you are applying for a competitive major at UW, you will be applying within a selective group of applicants. To add to that, you will also be applying within a very selective group of applicants that have under forty credits. UW admissions holds low priority for applicants with under forty credits, meaning that only a handful of applicants are selected for competitive majors (I believe). If you are applying from an OOS (out of state) four year university, your chances will also be reduced for getting accepted. To add to that, you have a not so great high school GPA, which will be factored in, since you have under forty credits. Therefore, the odds are against you. When you are applying to the University of Washington, you want to have the statistics in your favor.

    I believe that there are two reasons why they hold priority for students with 40+ and 90+ credits (which have the highest priority, in terms of credits). One, because they want to make sure that you are prepared for your intended major. Two, because it allows UW admissions to use your college GPA to determine how "college ready" you are. Here's a link of the credit priority information: Transfer Enrollment Goals & Priorities — Requirements — Plan your Transfer — University of Washington. So I wouldn't apply now, especially if you have less than 20 credits. However, I could be wrong and maybe you could apply now. I encourage you to talk to an admissions counselor: Contact Us! — Counselors and Advisers — University of Washington. Again, Good luck!
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  • collegebiocollegebio 18 replies1 threads New Member
    Sorry, I forgot to mention this:

    As far as achieving 40+ credits, you want to have that done prior to applying to UW. Classes that you are "considering" taking or are currently taking I believe do not factor in to your total credits. This would make sense, since you could easily withdraw or fail a class and lose those credits. You must make sure that you have those credits completed prior to applying (and fill out the academic planning worksheet while you are going through the credits). Another thing that you want to make sure of, is will the credits transfer over to UW. I would check with an admissions counselor on this. If some classes don't transfer over, you end up with less credits that count than what's on your transcript (i.e. 34 credits apply toward to 40+ credit level, instead of an actual 43 credits you might have).
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  • AzwolgAzwolg 73 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Ranking doesn't matter if you're going to major in psychology. You'll likely have to get a master's anyways, so just focus on going to a good school for your master's rather than worrying about where you get your undergrad psychology degree.
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  • apainterapainter 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Im a freshman at UCSC wanting to transfer to UW too, what a weird coincidence. Im a general bio major though. What college are you in? Im in cowell, parrington house.

    I was wondering about all this too, if the application deadline is February 12th then do you only count the credits you have from high school and fall quarter? I currently have 36 but will have 53 by the end of this quarter (march 18th). I have a 3.53 gpa, had a 3.6 in high school, sats was 1970. What are my chances?
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  • collegebiocollegebio 18 replies1 threads New Member
    You want to make sure you get to at least 40+ credits, 90+ if you want pretty good chances (as far as credits go). So you want to finish this quarter and then consider applying. Read above for more info. on credit policies. Again, you want to maintain a pretty high college GPA. Since you will be applying with 40+ credits, there will be less emphasis on your SAT score.

    In my opinion, I think your chances will be good, after you earn 53 quarter credits and maintain an upward 3.5. Remember to maintain a good GPA. That will be a primary factor in determining whether you get accepted. Biology is a major with minimum requirements, meaning your chances are much better than a competitive major. Make sure you fill out the academic worksheet on the UW transfer admissions for Biology and try to get your basic classes out of the way.

    Again, talk to an admissions counselor for any questions or concerns. Don't rely solely on answers from this forum.
    Link: Contact Us! — Counselors and Advisers — University of Washington
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