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Transferring into the UW through an easy degree program

saxman66saxman66 100 replies46 threads Junior Member
edited October 2011 in University of Washington
I hear that in order to transfer to the UW, you need to be accepted into a degree program. Is it possible and reliable to attend community college for a year, apply to the UW and an easy degree program such as Japanese, and then switch to something like CSE or EE? Is there anything the UW does to prevent it? I want to get a double major in Japanese and CSE/mathematics/EE if it matters. Thanks.
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Replies to: Transferring into the UW through an easy degree program

  • travelgirltravelgirl 714 replies33 threads Member
    The information you heard was incorrect. In fact there are many majors in which you cannot even apply for until you have already been accepted into UW.

    I applied for both of my majors after transferring to UW
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  • saxman66saxman66 100 replies46 threads Junior Member
    Do they accept transfer students after only a quarter at community college? By the time the application is due for Fall 2012, I will only have grades for one quarter even though they will most likely all be A's. How does that relate to when I apply for CSE when I will have an entire year worth of grades? What would you recommend that relates to CSE that would be really easy to get into. I am also studying Japanese so would that count?
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  • Meesh6036Meesh6036 126 replies0 threads Junior Member
    You can apply to transfer at anytime for UW, though they strongly prefer that you have 90 credits and taking classes prepared for your major. Further, for CSE "Applicants must be enrolled at the UW or have an application on file with the UW Office of Admissions." So you submit your application for UW, and then CSE. If you don't select a backup major you probably won't get a response from UW until CSE makes a decision (Augustish).

    "Computer Science is offered through the College of Arts & Sciences. Students applying to the Computer Science Undergraduate Program must complete the following requirements prior to the deadline:

    * Math 124, 125 & 126;
    * At least 5 credits of natural science including one of the following:
    o Physics 121,
    o Chemistry 142 or 145,
    o any approved science course that requires Physics 121 or Chemistry 142/145 as a prerequisite.
    * CSE 142 & 143;
    * Five credits of English composition.

    Note: Students who meet the science prerequisites with AP credit are strongly encouraged to take an approved science course at UW prior to applying to the department.

    Application Deadlines (CSE, not UW):

    For students wishing to enter the program in Autumn Quarter: July 1st
    For students wishing to enter the program starting in Spring Quarter: February 1st. "

    CSE Admission Requirements
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  • saxman66saxman66 100 replies46 threads Junior Member
    What back up major would you recommend that I know I could get into that still somewhat aligns with CSE prerequisites so it is not obvious that I am going to switch ASAP? Would Japanese count? Are you sure abou the science for CS? I think you only have to take PHYS 121 for admissions. CSE is the one with strong science requirements but I may be wrong. If I am, I may not be ready in time.

    Are you sure that they will wait until August. According to the following site, they release decisions by July. http://admit.washington.edu/Admission/Deadlines#transfer
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  • Meesh6036Meesh6036 126 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I copied that from the Computer Science reqs, which is what I thought you meant by CSE. CE is different, but on that link I posted.

    I think you can apply to CSE while you're waiting for UW so you don't have to switch ASAP. That's how it was for my engineering, anyways. If not then I don't know if pre-engineering is an option.
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  • saxman66saxman66 100 replies46 threads Junior Member
    Whether or not I can apply and have the chance to be accepted, I still want a back up major that will keep me in the running should CSE reject me the first time around. What majors related to CSE would be good ones to consider that would let me in almost automatically?
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  • speedsolverspeedsolver 1903 replies16 threads Senior Member
    None. /10char
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  • speedsolverspeedsolver 1903 replies16 threads Senior Member
    Let me clarify about that. It doesn't matter what your major is before you apply to CSE. What matters is your grades and your drive to excel and make a difference in this field.

    Right now it sounds like you are planning on 'cutting corners' in this admissions process. Get into UW via Japanese, and with a flick of a wrist, switch into CSE. Let me be honest - that's not going to fly with the advisors and the rest of the admissions committee unless you have stellar grades, especially in prereqs, as well as very, very solid personal statements.

    CSE is a competitive major - meaning you can't just switch into it. There's a quota per graduating class (160 students in both cs and ce). They slowly fill this quota up during each admissions cycle.

    Are you planning on doing CS, or CE? The closest major to CE would be EE - there are plenty of CE/EE double major students.

    Meesh is correct in linking you to those prerequisites. If you are very concerned about this, please email the advisers directly. They also welcome walk ins during office hours.
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  • saxman66saxman66 100 replies46 threads Junior Member
    The only reason that I am considering going to Japanese first is because at the time of application to the UW, I won't have the CSE pre-requisite courses completed. I will have completed them by the CSE application deadline though. When you say "not going to fly", were you referring to UW admissions or CSE admissions?
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