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Double degree

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Hey. I'm a veteran. I can get half price tuition up to 225 credits at UW. My GI Bill only covers 180 credits. I want to do a double degree: BS in Psych, BA in English. Why? I just do. I planned it out perfectly: exactly 225 credits. I would graduate with the class of 2014 and the double degree schedule would enable me to be in the psychology honors program which I otherwise will not be able to do.

I will go into the debt to do the double degree if I have to, just so i can justify staying in school long enough to make the 2 year commitment to the psych honors program, but since the law states that I am eligible for the reduced tuition -- and since I laid my frikkin life on the line so I could make something of myself after all -- I am hoping UW will not give me the shaft and let me pay the reduced rate.

Here's the catch: In order to do get the reduced tuition, I have to write a letter explaining how this double degree is important, crucial even, to my prospective "career." (Career? Puhlease. Do millennials even have "careers"? Baby-boomers...::rolls eyes::) Obviously you can't get a career, or even a job necessarily, with EITHER of these degrees without going to graduate school -- which I do plan to do (for psych) as soon as I can, but apparently that won't be for a few years after I graduate.

So can anyone think of job/occupation/"career" that I would be best equipped to pursue with this double degree and possibly/preferably ill-equipped to pursue without it? Honestly I feel somewhat entitled to this and KNOW why I am doing this for my own personal reasons. But they want me to name a career so that is what I must do.
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