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How concrete are friend groups here?

dopebadgerdopebadger 8 replies5 threads New Member
edited April 2012 in University of Washington
I'm deciding between here and Vassar. I was wondering if the school's size makes friend groups less concrete because you see different people every day; I'm a bit shy and prefer concrete, stable friend groups rather than flowing, not as intimate groups.
what do you guys think?
edited April 2012
5 replies
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Replies to: How concrete are friend groups here?

  • speedsolverspeedsolver 1903 replies16 threads Senior Member
    It really depends on the people. I am also pretty shy, although I have started to "break out" of my shell in college. I was afraid of the fluid friend groups problem ... and while I had very diverse groups of friends freshman year, I can confidently say that I had a great, stable, close group of friends (+other people I met!) by the end of freshman year.

    I think the fact that UW is huge is great because you can make connections with lots of diverse people while establishing a group of friends that you do a lot of things with.

    OF COURSE, not everyone will have the same experience. Do you have any friends at UW right now who can introduce you to some people? Although I made friends in classes and are great friends with them, I must also give credit to upperclassmen I know who introduced me to a few of my closest friends at UW.

    tldr: Doable even if you're shy, but experiences differ. :)
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  • XaviFMXaviFM 904 replies48 threads Member
    Yeah, tons of clubs. Really easy to make friends. I've had the same classes with people for months now.
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  • ctc414ctc414 92 replies13 threads Junior Member
    If you are actually more oriented towards the liberal arts, go to Vassar. No question. I wish I would have researched schools a bit more before going to UW. And now I'm too much of a wuss to transfer, and I probably wouldn't be able to afford it anyway.
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  • XaviFMXaviFM 904 replies48 threads Member
    But which liberal arts? I have been taking a few classes in the NELC department and they are amazing. Lots of camaraderie as well.
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  • VideoProVideoPro 96 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Really depends on how committed you are to your group of friends and how committed your friends are too. I meet a lot of people because I'm an officer in a Chinese Student Association and I've made a lot of friends but I am still really close with the friends I first met in Early Fall Start. We're even getting a house together next year. So like I said, you're gonna meet a lot of people and some friends might not stay but as long as you always find time to catch up with them, I'm sure the friends you make won't go back on you.
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