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CHEM 455 with Xiaosong Li

HuaChingNiHuaChingNi 118 replies59 threads Junior Member
edited April 2012 in University of Washington
Anybody have any comments on this class or professor? Do you think I'll get in it in time? I hate how we incoming freshmen can't register until orientation... sigh
edited April 2012
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Replies to: CHEM 455 with Xiaosong Li

  • BenchwarmerBenchwarmer 12 replies1 threads New Member
    455 is Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy geared towards Chemistry and Chemical Engineering majors. I took the Biochem option (453) so I did not have Professor Li and cannot provide any input other than from what I see from his student course evaluation scores (they are very good).

    For this class you will most likely not get in because of your registration priority, but you can keep an eye on an openings throughout the Summer.
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  • HuaChingNiHuaChingNi 118 replies59 threads Junior Member
    Alright. I take it you're a Biochemistry major? What are your thoughts on the Biochem PChem two-course series and on the major/department as a whole? I was directly admitted into the Biochemistry major, so I would be interested in hearing about your experience at UW.
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  • travelgirltravelgirl 714 replies33 threads Member
    FYI, the best time to try to get in on full classes is the first few days of the quarter. People will leave their schedule the same until the first day and then people start drop/adding and moving around. there area always slots opening up for every class during the first few days. As long as you're there to catch it before someone else does
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  • BenchwarmerBenchwarmer 12 replies1 threads New Member
    Yeah, I agree with travelgirl. Also I wouldn't take Pchem the first quarter there, but it's up to you.

    The difference between 453 and 455 is that I think 455 is more Math based and intended for Engineers (but there's still a lot of Math in 452 and 453). If you take either one, I would make sure to have a pretty good background in General Physics and Math.

    I feel that the Biochemistry major covers a wide variety of the different science divisions. You'll get a feel of Physics, Math, and of course Chem/Biol. As for the faculty, I can't tell you much because I feel it's not fair to touch on that since I haven't interacted with all of them. It's one of those experiences that varies with person to person, so it's up to you to decide for yourself :). As for the few I have got to know, they are great.

    There are many opportunities for undergraduate research. I have copied and pasted my previous reply to someone here regarding research:

    "There are also many opportunities for undergrad research. I'm guessing it may be primarily for premed, but keep in mind that professors know that. I would read up on their research and find what's interests you most and then from there visit them in person (email is okay - however you may not receive a response). You will find that many will say no, but it only takes one yes. Probably Sophomore year you'll help out and do that the dirty work (take out lab trash, clean dishes, etc.). Then from there you'll start being trained for undergrad research. Again keep in mind that they are investing time and possibly funds in you, so find something that you know you'll be excited for. Their work is probably based off their PhD thesis so its something they've spent their lives on so just show them that you care by working hard."

    Also check out iGEM: Synthetic Biology @UW iGEM

    Lastly, you are just an entering Freshmen so you have time to decide whether there may be another major out there for you. It's just nice to have Biochem there for now.
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