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Nin10dude317Nin10dude317 314 replies25 threads Member
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Hey everyone,

I got denied from UW for this fall as an undergrad, and I didn't have any safeties in-state I applied to (not appealing or didnt have areas of study I want).

I currently go to Bellevue College, and should get my AA at the end of this Winter (probs Spring if I take a travel break).
That does mean I will finish a Two-year degree in 3 quarters of actual college time, thanks to APs, Running Start, and College in the High School.

I really wanted to go to UW badly, and still do. So much, that I would rather exchange my AA from BC and apply it to a BA from UW.
So my question is, what are my chances if.. (or suggestions)

- I reapply to UW as an undergrad with my HS stuff for Winter Quarter (3.3 GPA, 1780 SAT, and one F grade. 4 APs, lots of club positions and volunteering. About 65% chance of success based on stats.)

- I apply as a partial transfer (moving my BC, AP, Running Start, etc credits to UW. I have one Withdrawal, but thats cause it was my eighth class during HS)

- I apply after earning my AA in Spring. My first eligible quarter would be summer 2013.

- I transfer to another school in WA that may not have my intended programs of study, but finish GE reqs. (e.g. WWU), before or after obtaining an AA.

I am a Asian (American born/citizen), second generation immigrant, who went to HS in King County. Highest education of my parents is Associates, dad was temp alumni of UW. We are middle income (100k/4 people).

I intend to transfer to a UC for my Masters, or if possible, my BA even. But being a comm coll student, do I carry a stigma of being lower ranked?
I would love to get into UW as soon as possible. I've sat in for courses, have a few credits already from there via College in HS, and most of my friends are there.
Thanks for your consideration!
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Replies to: Transfer/Re-applying?

  • SumanyeSumanye 50 replies0 threads Junior Member
    First off, you can write an appeal to UW if you want for acceptance durring the Fall.

    Secondly, it sounds like you have finished Running Start and took a college class yes? If that is the case, then you are a transfer student forever more. You can not apply as a high school student, and if you have more than 45 college credits, your high school stats are pretty much meaningless. You don't need an AA to transfer to UW, but if you do get an AA from your CC, you can still transfer after you finish it.

    Transferring from a CC is normal and does not carry a bad stigma. In my orientation group, almost everyone was a CC transfer.

    You should spend your time over the next year strengthening your transfer application by getting your GPA as high as you can. Take more courses at CC and work on clearing out your general education requirements and working on your major as you can. This winter, apply to schools like WSU for next fall in addition to UW. That way you have some safety and can continue with your education.

    Lastly, nobody cares if you are asian. It is against the law to make choices based on ethnicity.
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  • viet0wnageviet0wnage 29 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Your stats aren't amazing, but they aren't bad either. I know many people who got in with worse HS stats. I don't know if the UW undergrad program as a whole does this, but I know for certain departmental programs in UW where you must apply, you can talk to an advisor after being denied and see if there was any notes the admission board wrote down about your app. Also, you might want to evaluate your essay. I myself keep thinking my writing is good, and did not seek help. But after seeking out English help with my paper, I realized my paper improved substantially. It may be costly ($100 to edit proofread your essay) but if Uw is that important to you... My english isn't bad, I got a 4.0 in the english class all freshmans required to take, but its always best to have someone experienced give you their input.

    Edit: So what I guess I'm trying to say is if UW is your ultimate goal, focus on what key to the application. Grades, essay, and more extra curriculars? see if you can talk to an advisor, and see what they suggest provided your circumstances.
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  • seatacseatac 574 replies11 threads Member
    What is your intended major?
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  • JSG2011JSG2011 25 replies16 threads Junior Member
    So this isn't an appealing option to everyone, but I've been in similar boots before. I graduated high school having earned my AA through Running Start. I did not get into the University of Washington that year. I took a year off and did AmeriCorps in Seattle, which I believe is a major factor in my admission this year. Not only did it give me an extra qualification to consider for admission, but at the end of my term in a couple of weeks I will have also served the required number of hours to receive my Segal Education Award of $5550 that I can apply to the cost of school.
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  • Nin10dude317Nin10dude317 314 replies25 threads Member
    Seatac- International Studies through the Jackson School. I'm actually split betwren that and Law, and the UCs offer International Law, which is my ultimate goal.

    JSG- I did consider that, but I think I want to complete college first. I actually intend to do Peace Corps when I finish, or apply as a Foreign Service Officer.
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  • yoloyoloyoloyoloyoloyolo 11 replies14 threads New Member
    Since you're close to finishing an AA, I think that UW will only look at your college work stats. If then, your SAT score and HS GPA won't matter anymore. Majoring in International Studies (liberal arts), I think your college GPA should be high (3.7+) coming along with good personal statement and a lot of extracurricular activities. If your GPA is high try to take 2 or 3 math/science courses and get good grades in them, it's a way to show the UW admission that you can handle math/science courses as well as other liberal arts courses. But make sure you have the requirements for major over with first before beginning math/science courses.
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  • rbjackson1994rbjackson1994 10 replies2 threads New Member
    I have a question that goes along with this as well. I'm from Michigan, and I decided to the University of Kentucky over the University of Washington. My dad said it was too far away and expensive. However, after this year four of my siblings will be finished with various college/professional schools so UDUB will be more affordable. What do I have to do in order to successfully transfer? Does getting admitted as an undergrad and applying as a transfer make a difference? My HS stats are 3.78 UW, 4 AP's (Stats 4, Biology 4, English Language 4, Environmental Science 2). In addition, I'm taking Pre-calc, Chemistry, and Chinese in college. Any suggestions?
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  • seatacseatac 574 replies11 threads Member
    How many quarter credits do you have?
    If you will have over 40 credits at the time of applying, your HS stats won't matter to the UW.
    More credits you have and more ready you are for your major = more likely you will be accepted.
    Please be aware that only 10% of transfer spots are reserved for those from 4-year colleges, the rest are for community college transfers. So, your pool will be very competitive.
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