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I have 80 credits awarded before starting my Freshman Year at UW

VivbellVivbell 13 replies4 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 17 New Member
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I did AP and IB in high school, and I ended up earning 80 credits from those tests. I am expecting 20 more credits from college classes I took in high school, which would give me Junior standing on my first day at UW. However, I know that by the beginning of Junior year, I should have my major, but I haven't had the chance to apply for a major.

I have not yet had my A and O session.

Is there anyone here who has some familiarity with this sort of situation? Is this relatively common? Is it recommended to skip two years of undergrad?

I'm thinking that maybe I could use this to my advantage to do a double major in Aeronautics and computer science, the two fields I'm most passionate about, but I'm really not sure. My A and O is not for another two weeks and I'm anxious.
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Replies to: I have 80 credits awarded before starting my Freshman Year at UW

  • aopsgirlaopsgirl 119 replies8 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 127 Junior Member
    At A&O, there is an optional session for AP/IB/Running Start where an adviser answers questions about AP/IB/Running Start credits. To be honest, the session was kind of boring. However, I did get one piece of very useful information -- UW has a new satisfactory academic progress policy this year. I don't remember the details, but essentially it means that even if you come in with a lot of credits, you get time (5 quarters, I think) to choose a major, and you have the right to stay at UW for 12 quarters.
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  • cheserschesers 88 replies7 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 95 Junior Member
    I came in with quite a few credits as well, though a little less than you. Normally, when you end up hitting 90cr, they send you a warning email about choosing a major, and if you don't come to an adviser and get an extension, they will put a hold on your registration abilities.

    Getting an extension should be quite easy due to your situation; they're only stingy with them when people have been screwing around for a few years and not picking a major. When you hit 180cr, you will need to get another extension to forestall graduating, and (from what I've heard) outline a plan for your following quarters.

    Officially, you're limited to 210cr before getting pushed to graduate if you're not doing a double degree (different from a double major), but will all the credits you already have, they're sure to be understanding. In a writeup of the school board minutes, they were putting forward a policy of being more understanding about "academic progress" with kids who came in with a lot of credits.
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