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Haideh Salehi-Esfahani for ECON 200?...

2012Dreaming2012Dreaming 9 replies7 threads New Member
edited July 2012 in University of Washington
I'm in a FIG for freshman year and for ECON 200 I have Haideh Salehi-Esfahani for my prof. My schedule was pretty set but I've had some people tell me that I'd best avoid her class. The only problem is switching into another class would need some (perhaps not major) reworking of my schedule...

I really would appreciate insight from anyone that's had her in the past or has had friends in her class. Thanks!


Quick google search on any mentions on these boards make me feel even more uneasy...



edited July 2012
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Replies to: Haideh Salehi-Esfahani for ECON 200?...

  • seatacseatac 574 replies11 threads Member
    First of all, check out ratemyprofessors.com

    Second, the UW has a Course Evaluation Catalog, which might give you some insight into how others feel about a particular class (https://www.washington.edu/cec/). According to it, this teacher isn't too bad, but also not excellent or even "normal". For Economics, I highly recommend you to pick a very good professor. Economics is very interesting, but a bad teacher can ruin your potential interest completely.
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  • wendyyuwendyyu 10 replies6 threads New Member
    i also have econ 200 with haideh salehi esfahani! i specifically chose her class, actually. the choices were between her and the other professor, ellis gregory and i searched them up on ratemyprofessors. overall i think the comments all lean towards haideh salehi being the better, more friendly teacher and more thorough in teaching. apparently ellis gregory teaches way more than other teachers, stuff that won't be on exams, and teaches straight from the textbook
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  • 2012Dreaming2012Dreaming 9 replies7 threads New Member
    Hey, at least I have a fellow CCer to suffer with now. (jk)
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  • cheserschesers 88 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I had her last year though I didn't purposely seek her out. I quite liked her, and her microecon lectures were pretty engaging, definitely moreso than her macro stuff (if you're interested in that at all). Though to be honest I find econ interesting anyways. She doesn't teach completely from the book like Ellis (who wrote it), and she is very friendly and understanding. The complaints that people generally have about her are that she can go overly slow at times, or repeat some very basic things too much (generally because they're the slightly math-y things, and she tries to teach to the LCD), and that her accent is impenetrable. I've personally never had any problems understanding her, but then I grew up in a family with very think accents, so I might be more used to it.

    Anyway, my two cents.
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