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Do you think I'll get accepted? (From Maryland)

eagleterp3eagleterp3 18 replies9 threads New Member
edited February 2013 in University of Washington
Hey all,

If you don't mind giving me your educated opinions on whether I'll get in or not, that'd be much appreciated. I'm from Maryland, I will be able to pay in full (no financial aid required), and I am currently a junior. Here's my quick resume:

-Male, white, Jew
-3.69 weighted GPA
-3.14 unweighted GPA
(Both will go up with senior year -- taking classes I excel in)
-One of the most competitive high schools in USA (like 200something out of top 1400, ranked by Newsweek, national blue ribbon school)
-9 total (including future senior classes) AP classes - passed AP exam on all of them (although mostly 3s)
-All other non-AP classes are essentially Honors/GT
-Over 200 hours of community service
-Internship at my county's Historical Society
-4 AP classes during senior year
-around 1900 SAT
-Founded two clubs, one of which eventually grew to 50 or so members and became a school team (Ultimate Frisbee Club/Team)
-Numerous club participation
-Best Buddies peer buddy -- Had to complete interview out of a pool of numerous people and was selected to work one-on-one with a mentally handicapped student throughout the year in and out of school
-1 of 2 boys selected to act in school play as a freshman, was on stage crew for numerous play productions
-Guitar throughout high school

Also, I have good letters of rec from two teachers and a great college essay on a backpacking trip I did by myself from the Andes to the Amazon when I was fifteen for a month.

I will be majoring in some type of social studies/history major.

Thanks a lot, it's truly appreciated!
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Replies to: Do you think I'll get accepted? (From Maryland)

  • SoDoMojoSoDoMojo 208 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Your GPA is very low for UW, I would try and get your SAT up to 2000 at least with that GPA.

    Senior year grades pretty much mean nothing for UW, so do as best as you can this semester.

    Essays are also very important for UW, so start early and get them peer edited as much as possible.
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  • eagleterp3eagleterp3 18 replies9 threads New Member
    Alright, thank you. Do you think that if I break 2000 I'll be accepted?
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  • SoDoMojoSoDoMojo 208 replies14 threads Junior Member
    I wouldn't say that. Like I said your GPA is way below UW's average, the middle 50% is a 3.63-3.92. What a higher SAT score does is at least give you a better shot. Point is you'll want to make all your other stats as best as possible to balance out your subpar GPA, because unless you got straight As all of junior year, there's not much you can about it at this point.

    Keep your hopes up, because UW views apps "holistically" (it's generic and broad, but they do look at things besides your GPA). So make sure your SATs and essays are very good.
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