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UW CSE alternatives

saxman66saxman66 100 replies46 threads Junior Member
I'm currently a WA community college student and sending out transfer applications now. I applied to the UW and the CSE department for spring but I doubt I will get into the department considering how competitive it is. What other schools and departments at the UW should I look into? I want a real computer science degree so please don't give any technical degrees. Thank you
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Replies to: UW CSE alternatives

  • seattle_momseattle_mom 978 replies56 threads Senior Member
    If you're sure you want UW look at other majors. If you're sure you want CS, look at other schools: Bothell, Tacoma, Western... Seattle U, Gonzaga... out of state...
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  • ZeroShadowBladeZeroShadowBlade 51 replies3 threads Junior Member
    The only other alternative for a "real" Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree is to go to a different school such as Seattle University or even UW Bothell (they have their own version of the Computer Science major that's not directly equivalent with UW Seattle's).

    The closest you'll get while still remaining at UW Seattle is Informatics which is on the broader side and is basically a mixture of programming, web development, UX/UI, systems analysis, databases, and project management. While you'll get an introduction to each of those components, you can choose to specialize in one of three areas: Human Computer Interaction ( UX/UI design), Information Architecture (web development, databases, search engines), and the custom option. Those who have been rejected from CSE tend to choose the custom option in order to take the non-majors CSE courses (each of which contain content from one or more majors-only courses). Informatics may not be the optimal choice for those interested in software development and the lower leveled side of technology, but the students can still get development jobs no problem (I know some who landed jobs/internships at Google and Microsoft).

    After Informatics, the next closest would be Human Centered Design Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Applied Math and Computational Science (ACMS), but they're already straying too far.
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  • saxman66saxman66 100 replies46 threads Junior Member
    How big is the difference between UW Seattle and UW Bothell? UWB doesn't seem to have a Computer Science degree program, just something with a similar name. How do companies view that? I'm also considering Seattle University and Western Washington University so I'd appreciate advice on those. Informatics is too far away from CSE in my opinion and I don't like UI/business all that much.
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  • ZeroShadowBladeZeroShadowBlade 51 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Based on the course descriptions COMPUTING & SOFTWARE SYSTEMS, the program at UWB is still Computer Science in essence. I don't know the exact details as to why it's named differently, but it's different enough that UWS doesn't recognize it as equivalent (especially noting the fact they no longer consider CSS 162 as equal to CSE 143).

    I don't know how companies view UWB's version of the major, but in the end I would think they care more about what you know and what you can do as opposed to whether or not you got your degree from a main or satellite campus.
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  • SolInvictusSolInvictus 30 replies3 threads Junior Member

    The equivalency of CSS 162 used to be a problem in the past for students transferring from Bothell but since Spring 2012, they have apparently worked on changing the curriculum to adapt to the one created by the Seattle campus. Obviously, the classes are still not entirely similar but both campuses seem to be recognizing discrepancies that need to be addressed.

    I was informed of this by a CS undergraduate adviser.
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  • hitachiotahitachiota 40 replies8 threads Junior Member
    How competitive is acceptance into UWB CSS? I know its easier than getting into UWS CSE, but what is the acceptance rate for UWB's CSS?
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  • ZeroShadowBladeZeroShadowBlade 51 replies3 threads Junior Member

    Some may not know about the equivalency problem until after they've been rejected, so it's good to hear that the campuses are working to resolve the discrepancies so that future transfers won't be expected to take CSE 143 (apparently the MyPlan system is indicating that those who've taken CSS 162 and CSE 143 won't get credit for one of them, but I'll have to check with an adviser to make sure).


    FAQs - Admission - Computing and Software Systems (CSS) - UW Bothell
    Looks like about an average of around 50-60% more or less.
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