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UW Fraternities/Sororities

JustAcceptedJustAccepted 24 replies1 threads New Member
edited February 2006 in University of Washington
Wut up guys...i'm just wondering if any of you guys were thinking about rushing this upcoming quarter. i just got accepted to the U and a few of my friends from last year who are currently in fraternities are wanting me to rush. i was just wondering about your take on these fraternities because the only ones i know of are: TKE's FIJI's and Beta's...if you know of any more, or if you have been rushing at any others, give me your perspective. thanks.
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Replies to: UW Fraternities/Sororities

  • D_MoneyD_Money . 11 replies5 threads New Member
    I'm not that learned about frats, but I was thinking about joining a black one sometime in sophomore or junior year.
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  • washingtonian151washingtonian151 101 replies25 threads Junior Member
    I've been to Chi Psi and Delta Chi, and I think they were by far the best of the frat's i've seen. Chi Psi also has what I think is the best house.
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  • JustAcceptedJustAccepted 24 replies1 threads New Member
    the only black frat that i know of is Alpha Phi Alpha...cuz a lot of my relatives have been alph's
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  • scholarificscholarific 81 replies21 threads Junior Member
    My friend's brother was in FIJI for his first semester.... he said it's a good way to meet people because the school's population is so big good luck otherwise. But he only stayed there a semester because one weekend he went home and when he came back someone from his house threw all his dress clothes in the garbage with a ton of food and beer and nasty stuff and ruined all of it... then again I have heard that he is kind of a jerk and only hangs out with his high school friends so maybe he had it coming....

    I guess initiation wasn't bad - they drove the new guys out to the middle of no where and they all just drank together - (heading through the woods and crossing a bridge, it broke and one kid fell and hurt his back, but it was promised that wasn't part of the plan)

    Anyway, that's what I've heard
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  • amandaamanda 17 replies1 threads New Member
    I'm a student at UW and not in the greek system (sororities are not my thing), but I do know many people in the frats. Personally, if I were a guy, I know that I would be in one.

    Just my own opinion, I'd say to look at Delta Upsilon, Delta Chi, and Theta Chi - FIJIs are fun as well. I'm not a fan of Pikes, but that's just me.
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