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Declaring a double degree: Economics (BS) and Business (Accounting)

CxavierCxavier 65 replies11 threads Junior Member
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Hi, having taken an advanced level examination prior to college, I got admitted into UW (College of Arts and Science - Pre-Social Science) with 45 credits (Relevant credits to the majors of my interest include: ECON 200, ECON 201, MATH 124 and 125). With this, if I were to take the remaining prerequisite courses (STAT 311 and MATH 126) in my first quarter (this coming autumn), I would be eligible to apply to the economics department this coming winter.

I am aware that the Economics department offers a double degree for econs and business, but I've only met the econs pre-requisites, do I declare my intentions for a double degree when applying to the economics department (as there is a checkbox stating whether I am applying for a double degree)? Or can I just apply for the BS Economics during winter, and then when I've completed the business pre-requisite, I will apply for a double degree. Pardon me if my question is confusing as I have no clue how this declaring-a-double-degree works.

For those with experiences in declaring double majors/degrees in other fields, please feel free to share too! Would be grateful if one of the majors is business, as this is the tricky bit, having understand that you have to be admitted to Foster School first.
Also, will it be an impossible challenge to complete both STAT 311 and MATH 126, together with probably an English Composition class and a 3-credits VLPA class, ALL in one quarter - that is my very first quarter in college? (being that STAT is a 300 series, and MATH 126 is after 124 and 125, both of which I have not touched since taking them 2 years ago.)
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Replies to: Declaring a double degree: Economics (BS) and Business (Accounting)

  • travelgirltravelgirl 714 replies33 threads Member
    Since no one else has replied to you, I figured I'd tell you what I know in a general sense (I don't know your specific situation).

    I have applied and been admitted to two majors (double major). It was required that you apply to each department individually. If they both accept, your a double major. If one does, your not.

    For more specific questions you might want to contact a foster AND econ advisor

    (This is assuming you are talking about a double major not double degree which you referenced..but the same general advice applies)

    general information about the subject can be found: http://www.washington.edu/uaa/advising/majors/double.php
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  • CxavierCxavier 65 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Thanks! hopefully someone who has taken STAT311 and MATH126 can advise me about the intensity/difficulty level. and what do english composition classes cover as well as how it is graded.
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